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An extremely strong profile projector with a superb optical performance

Nikon Metrology’s most robust profile projector offers a super-strong construction in combination with excellent optical performance. The V-20B has a 20” (500mm) projection screen and a broad range of measuring stage sizes of outstanding build quality is available. A built-in digital counter and digital protractor are standard features.


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Product overview

The V-20B has a very strong construction and measuring capability for larger components. It suits a wide variety of applications, as many appropriate extra features are already provided.

A rotating projection screen, a built-in digital counter, a digital protractor are all included as standard. Five projection lenses are available for the three-lens turret and five stage sizes are offered. Sample heights up to a remarkable 150mm can be inspected with all of the five stages. The 10” x 6” stage can even support components weighing up to 20 kg.

nikon metrology profile projectors v12b header n

Benefits & features

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b robust construction

Extremely robust construction

The V-20B is an immense and stable precision instrument weighing 260kg.

Components with a height of 150mm and weighing up to 20 kg can be supported on the largest stage of the V-20B. The precision build of the system delivers accurate and repeatable measurements for the operator.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b parfocal lenses

Parfocal projection lenses

The objective lenses are all designed to be parfocal, with long working distances as a standard feature.

  • Parfocal projection lenses enable every objective to retain focus after exchange, avoiding the need for large refocusing adjustments.
  • Long working distance objectives as standard reduce the risk of damage to the instrument or the specimen during measuring.
  • Illumination quality is also maintained after a lens changeover to avoid an intensity adjustment.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b range lenses

Range of projection lenses

There are five projection lenses available in the series:

  • With magnifications from 5x to 100x and three intermediate powers, this wide range of lenses is ideal for measuring a wide variety of component sizes and feature dimensions.
  • Each lens provides bright images of the component across a wide field of view onto the 500mm diameter screen.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b family

Family of profile projectors

The V-20B model is available alongside the V-12B series.

The V-20B provides exceptional performance and capabilities for the most challenging applications, while the V-12B models in a benchtop design cater for in-line measuring applications found right across the factory floor.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b stages

Wide range of stage sizes

Five robust stages are available to fit the V-20B, ranging from 10” x 6” (250mm x 150mm) down to 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm).

  • Different component sizes can be accommodated.
  • Multiple sample loading in a grid pattern minimises the time needed for sample exchange.
  • Rotating tables on the stages are available as options.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b stage function

Stage function for Fine Rotation Control

The two large-travel stages have a fine rotation adjustment function.

  • Precise alignment is possible over long distances or when measuring heavy samples. (up to 20 kgs),enabling faster, more efficient measuring.

nikon metrology profile projectors v20b data processing

Data Processing Software E-MAX

E-Max is the Nikon Metrology’s software solution, providing a series of general purpose measuring tools using a common GUI (graphical user interface).  The software processes the V20-B measurement data and outputs results as a .CSV file.

Data Processer DP-E1

DP-E1 is Nikon Metrology’s Data processing system enabling a combination of enhanced accuracy and ease of use. Teaching files and measurement results files can be handled to and from a USB memory device easily.

*Retrofit Counter/DP unit is also required.



Type Vertical optical axis
Magnification accuracy ±0.1% in contour illumination, ±0.15% in surface illumination
Power input 110 VAC, 220 VAC
Max. specimen height 150mm (5.9”)
Light source 24V-150W halogen lamp
Lens mount 3-Lens turret mount
Screen 500 mm (19.7”) diameter, protractor screen, inclined 8°
Dimensions (WxDxH) and weight (approx.) 570 x 1200 x 1900 mm (22.4 x 47.2 x 74.8“); 260 kg (573 lbs)
Projection lenses 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x & 100x
Stages 8x6, 6x4, 4x4, O3L, 2x2
Image Inverted and reversed


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