Robust build quality guarantees high precision, accurate results throughout the service life

The MM-400 and MM-800 Series enables a complete digital control system for excellent measuring accuracy in routine or more demanding industrial environments. 

Perfectly suited to inspect, measure and verify 2D and 3D features on a wide range of parts. The MM-400 is a robust, modular measuring microscope system with capability for acquiring dimensions from small, medium and relatively large components, while the MM-800 extends the Z axis even further (up to 200mm) for measuring features on taller parts. Using the largest stage options, more XY travel is available.

The measuring microscopes accommodate components across the widest range of industries. In electronics, wire-bonding height, connector pins and sockets are very popular applications for the MM series. In the automotive sector, analysis of component placement and failure allows not only detection but also quantification of these failures. This makes the instruments suitable for assisting in the manufacture of electronics for today’s smart vehicles, where passenger safety depends greatly on sensors watching the car’s constantly changing environment.

Product overview

Other applications for the microscopes are to be found in the medical sector, for example for inspecting lab-on-a-chip integrated circuits and devices for intravascular and general in-body use, such as devices for hip and knee joint replacements.

Other activities are inspection of MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems), plastic components such as injection moulded parts, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and micro-machined components together with the associated tooling. Roughness, surface analysis, and crack detection for gross failure analysis are further areas where the instruments prove highly functional.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 header


Benefits & features

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 optical systems

2 optical systems optimized for maximum measurement performance and multiple optical contrast techniques

The outstanding modular range allows the user to configure exactly the correct equipment required, resulting in a most efficient and effective inspection process.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 stages

Wide range of stage sizes:

All six robust stages are available for the MM-800, ranging from 12” x 8” (300mm x 200mm) down to 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm), and three stages are available to fit the MM-400 (up to the PS 6x4B).

  • Different component sizes can be accommodated.
  • Multiple sample loading in a grid pattern minimises the time needed for sample exchange.
  • Rotating tables on the stages are available as options.


nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 focusing aid

Optional focusing aid (FA) capability

Sharp patterns are delivered to enable very accurate and repeatable focusing for excellent measurements in the Z axis.

  • Measurement errors, due to differences in the depth of focus of different objectives, are then minimised.
  • Multiple operators can all achieve the high precision available from the instrument, resulting in far smaller variances in the data obtained.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 mmcontroller

MM controller backpack interface

Illumination, X/Y stage and Z data can all be connected to the MM controller and on to a personal  computer running Nikon Metrology’s E-Max software, allowing full data processing and system hardware control.

For repeatable measuring with a team of inspectors, a standard hardware profile may be set to reduce variance between inspection cycles.


nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 multiple contrast

Multiple optical contrast techniques are available

Using universal type:

  • Brightfield, Darkfield illumination contrast
  • Polarisation, differential interference contrast (DIC reflected light)
  • Episcopic fluorescence contrast

With so many contrast techniques available, the inspection task can be approached selecting the most suitable method to provide the clearest contrast and sharpest edges for accurate measurement of challenging materials.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 led illuminators

All-white LED illuminators
(Both MM Type and Universal type)

  • High-intensity LED illuminators offered as standard.
  • White colour temperature, controlled from main instrument or via a personal computer interface

With an LED illuminator, there is no need for bulb replacement and the colour temperature is constant, enabling repeatable measurements with high accuracy and efficiency. The light is convenient to use and does not shift to red when the lamp is turned down, so different components are all illuminated in a standardised way, reducing the inconsistency of former incandescent lamp illuminators.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm400 800 software

E-Max series of data processing software

E-Max is the Nikon Metrology’s software with a series of general purpose measuring support tools using a common GUI (graphical user interface).  The software processes the measurement data via an interface unit and outputs results as a .CSV file.

Data Processer DP-E1

DP-E1 is Nikon Metrology’s Data processing system with a combination of both enhanced accuracy and ease of use. Teaching files and measurement results files can be handled to a USB memory device with easy access.


Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology's supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of Nikon Metrology products and selected third-party solution providers.

MM-400 (Europe)

  • Heidenhain - 3rd Party digital read-out (DRO) solutions. Details on application.
  • The Image Source - Compact digital cameras.
  • Schott - Specialised illuminator solutions




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