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The MM-200 is an affordable,  compact and tough measuring microscope system with the capability for inspecting both small and medium size components across a wide range of industries, from plastic parts, electric components, rubber seals, gaskets, mouldings, to metal stampings and precision machined parts.

In the electronics and automotive sectors, analysis of sub-component placement and failure allows not only detection but also quantification of these failures right at the production line.


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Product overview

Other applications for the microscopes are to be found in the medical sector, for example for inspecting lab-on-a-chip integrated circuits and devices for intravascular and general in-body use, such as devices for hip and knee joint replacements.

Other activities are inspection of MEMS (micro electro-mechanical systems), plastic components such as injection moulded parts, microelectronics, optoelectronics, and micro-machined components together with the associated tooling. Roughness, surface analysis, and crack detection for gross failure analysis are further areas where the instruments prove highly functional.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 header

Benefits & features

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 ergonomic

Ergonomic and intelligent design
2 optical systems: Monocular head or video only

  • Easy to use, precise, compact, lightweight design
  • Digital read-out and data processing of images from the Nikon digital video camera head
  • Quick and accurate non-contact optical measurement
  • Digital templates including threads/gears/concentric circles for video inspection
  • Automated edge detection with Nikon Metrology’s E-Max software
  • Smaller footprint ideal for machine shops and inspection rooms
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)

The combination of these features provides a flexible and powerful solution for in-line and routine inspection techniques. It is a small yet extremely capable manual measuring system.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 mmcontroller

MM Controller is equipped with backpack interface unit

All MM200 units are complete with the electronics interface unit allowing rapid and easy personal computer connection for Nikon Metrology’s E-Max software integration via USB cable.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 footprint capabilities

Small footprint, high capabilities

The MM-200 offers high performance specifications in a compact unit.

With all Nikon’s experience with larger machines condensed into this unit, users benefit from big machine capabilities in a small instrument, with cost advantages as well.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 led illuminator

White 8-segment LED illuminator accessory

  • High-intensity LED illuminators are offered as accessories.
  • White colour temperature, controlled from the main instrument or via a personal computer interface

With an LED illuminator, there is no need for bulb replacement and the colour temperature is constant, enabling repeatable measurements with high accuracy and efficiency. The light is convenient to use and does not shift to red if the lamp is turned down, so different components are all illuminated in a standardised way, reducing the inconsistency of former incandescent lamp illuminators.

nikon metrology measuring microscopes mm200 software

E-Max series of data processing software

E-Max is the Nikon Metrology’s software with a series of general purpose measuring support tools using a common GUI (graphical user interface).  The software processes the measurement data via an interface unit and outputs results as a .CSV file.

Data Processer DP-E1

DP-E1 is Nikon Metrology’s Data processing system with a combination of both enhanced accuracy and ease of use. Teaching files and measurement results files can be handled to a USB memory device with easy access.


Nikon Metrology’s Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology's supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of Nikon Metrology products and selected third-party solution providers.

MM-200 (Europe)

  • Heidenhain - 3rd party digital read-out (DRO) solutions. Details on application.
  • The Image Source - Compact digital cameras.
  • Schott - Specialised illuminator solutions



Type  Monocular Eyepiece Tube Type  C-mount Video Head Type
Optical head MM-200 monocular optical head C-mount video head for MM-200
XYZ stroke 50x 50 x110mm
Stage accuracy  2.5 + L50 pm (with LEC), 3 + L50 pm (L= measurement length in mm)​
Scale resolution   0.01 / 0.1(default) / 1 / 10 pm
Max. loading weigh  2 kg for guaranteed accuracy, 5 kg for operation
Magnification accuracy 0.1 %  
Objective lenses (WO)   Standard: 3x (75.5 mm)
Optional: 1x (79 mm), 5x (64 mm), 10x (48 mm)
Light sources Standard: diascopic/episcopic (white LED)  
Dimensions & weight 316 x 455 x 533 mm (W x D x H). 40 kg  
Input voltage range 100 - 240 V (Max. 1.8 A)  


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