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Aircraft component inspection

nikon metrology aerospace components nose cowlPrecision and reliability are key in the aerospace industry. Every day, LK CMM from Nikon Metrology run detailed inspection on small to mid-sized landing gear, actuator assembly, breaking system and thrust reverser components.

When size really matters, Nikon Metrology offers truly flexible and reliable gantry CMMs. In addition to high accuracy with maximum volume, gantry CMMs support a variety of probing solutions, including touch-trigger and laser scanning sensors.

For supersize fuselage and wing parts, leading aircraft manufacturers count on Laser Radar and iGPS, two revolutionary solutions based on innovative laser technologies. Both solutions offer accurate and contactless inspection capabilities that are used within nikon metrology aerospace components landing geara wide variety of large volume measurement and inspection applications: aircraft fuselage section analysis, tool assembly and alignment inspection as well as the inspection of aircraft engine inlet cowls and checking the geometry of aircraft wing.

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