Superior performance, incredible image sharpness throughout the wide magnification range

Through expansion of the magnification zoom range to an excellent 8:1 zoom ratio (1x -8x), The SMZ800N boasts the ease of use whilst providing the high definition image quality that is essential for electronics inspection and failure analysis tasks. Also, the “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objective series provide clearer, crisper, sharper images that may be optionally captured with a dedicated Nikon Metrology digital camera.


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Product overview

There is a huge range of applications for this versatile microscope throughout materials science and industrial tasks. It may be used as a desktop instrument or integrated into wire bonder, and pull tester machines. Production quality control functions are fulfilled for both routine or critical applications. The SMZ800N is also ideal for failure analysis to determine and predict modes of failure as well as to verify solutions. Component surface examination, crack detection and corrosion studies are all carried out with ease, as is the investigation of composite materials, textiles and measurement of parts produced by machine tools, from critical aerospace components to building and construction goods.

Optoelectronic devices, microelectronics and micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) used in remote sensing devices such as accelerometers, in smartphones, and gyroscopes. These are all prime candidates for inspection with an SMZ800N. The stereo microscope and accessories are well matched to verify the integrity of medical devices including implants, prosthetics, and intravascular systems. Other applications are to be found in modern paint and coating technologies, watch manufacturing,  as well as the research, restoration and conservation of art works and antiquities.

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Benefits & features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n zoom ratio

Best-in-class zoom ratio

With a best-in-class zoom ratio of 8:1 (1x - 8x), the SMZ800N covers an even greater magnification range than previously available in former models.  Due to the large field of view, the component or sample does not need to be disturbed when scanning a larger area at high magnifications.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n quality images

High quality images

Amazingly clear, bright images with minimal chromatic aberration are achieved throughout the extended zoom range due to the exceptional “Plan Apo WF” and “ED plan WF” objectives. This clarity and sharpness of the image saves time when checking components or investigating a component’s mode of failure. A high resolution of 640 line pairs/mm are achievable using the ED Plan Apo 2x/WF lens at zoom position 8.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n objective nosepiece

Versatile double objective nosepiece

The double nosepiece turret allows the user seamless observation across a wider range of magnifications. Using two objectives significantly extends the magnification range available without moving the sample. The on-axis view function allows imaging of a hole or a pin structure without a tilted angle of view. Measurements like this have no error due to the normal off-axis observation.

Exchanging objectives has never been easier. By changing the nosepiece from stereo-position (stereo view) to mono-position (on-axis view), images suitable for measuring and image processing are easily acquired by using a vertical optical axis, also avoiding image shift errors due to  a strong parallax effect during focusing.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n 8 objective lenses

Wide range of 8 objective lenses

A large family of objective lenses is available for the SMZ800N, which sit alongside the SMZ1270 and 1270i series. Both the 800N and 1270 series enable excellent performance and system flexibility to control depth of focus in the image, as well as having a large free working distance from lens to sample surface.

Calibration of the image to a camera can now be adjusted at the click stops set between zoom limits and across two objective lenses. This saves time for repeated processes or inspection of different component features.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n wide range accessories

Wide range of accessories

The wide range of accessory features available with research stereo microscope models is also available for the SMZ800N.

These include trinocular tubes and slim-type diascopic LED illumination stands, allowing microscope configurations to suit numerous routine inspections as well as for research and development applications. A microscope can be adapted in respect of sample holding, imaging and illumination to suit applications right from the start, or adding accessories later depending on changing the inspection requirements.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Eyepiece tubes with a range of inclination angles are available, offering the optimum eyepiece level for each user to enable convenient and comfortable observation. Slim-type plain stands with diascopic LED illumination facilitate the presentation and removal of specimens with minimal risk of damage that is possible using a tall base plate design. Extended periods of use are less tiring for the user and again a slim stage base design means a sample or dish does not fall far if it is accidentally pushed off the base plate.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz800n nis elements

NIS Elements: Nikon Imaging Software

NIS Elements manages Nikon Digital Sight cameras to capture the best images for processing, organising the images and process versions logically in a smooth workflow. Fast, powerful image tools are enabled, such as:

  • mosaic creation from multiple images of a surface, e.g. following a long microcrack from start to finish
  • extended depth of focus (EDF) ,where an enhanced depth of focus view is provided as an image stack, or a single image is formed only from points of sharp focus.

The upgradable concept balances the software modules and capabilities purchased with a user’s needs satisfied.

Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology’s supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of in-house products together with those from  selected third-party solution providers

  • SMZ800N (Europe)
  • The Image Source. A wide range of digital camera solutions for routine applications
  • Märzhäuser & Prior. Solutions with motorised stages for process automation
  • Schott & Photonic. Providers of LED and a full range of dedicated microscopy illumination systems
  • Inspectis. A macro view of large areas such as for weld inspection alongside the microscopic capability of the stereo microscopes



Optical system

Parallel-optics type (zooming type)

Zoom ratio


Zoom range

1 – 8x (1/2/3/4/6/8x stops)


5 – 480x (depending on eyepiece and objectives) (coaxial Episcopic illuminator: 22.5 – 540x)


Eyepiece inclination: 20° (P-B Binocular Tube) / 15° (P-TL100 Trinocular Tube) / 0°-30° (P-TERG100 Trinocular Tilting Tube, P-TERG50 Trinocular Tilting Tube)  


C-W10xB (F.N. 22), C-W15x (F.N. 16), C-W20x (F.N. 12.5), C-W30x (F.N. 7)


Plan Apo 0.5x/WF, Plan Apo 0.75x/WF, Plan Apo 1x/WF, ED Plan 1.5x/WF, ED Plan 2x/WF, Plan 1x, ED Plan 0.75x, Achro 0.5x

Working distance

78 mm(with Plan 1x)

Weight (approx.)

6.8 kg (with P-B Binocular Tube + C-PSN Plain Stand)



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