SMZ 745 and SMZ 745T 
Stereo microscopes with powerful image resolving capabilities and all for a reasonable price.

Featuring an excellent zoom magnification range of 7.5:1 and a standard long working distance of 115mm, the Nikon SMZ 745 & SMZ 745T microscopes are well suited for both materials research and shop floor applications. The innovative design incorporates a totally new reflection prism construction, producing brighter images with a stronger contrast. The anti-mold design allows the microscope to be used in environments where the temperature and humidity are very high. The SMZ 745T trinocular model comes equipped with a microscope imaging port and a built-in 0.55x c-mount camera adapter permitting use of a Nikon DS Series Digital Camera and of note the Digital Sight 1000 model. The 1000 model camera can operate without a PC and will even capture images directly onto an inserted SD memory card.


Key benefits

  • Modularized microscope system with accessories applicable for various observation requirements and the most challenging tasks.
  • Enables easy digital imaging by use of Nikon’s Digital Sight cameras together with the NIS Elements software suite.



  • Challenging Materials Science applications and general Industrial use
  • Research & Development activities across the full range of component materials in use today
  • Production Quality Control functions in routine or critical applications
  • Failure analysis to help determine or predict modes of failure, and verify solutions
  • Component surface examination including Crack detection, Corrosion Studies
  • Composite materials in use for Aerospace, Fabrics, Textiles, Building and Construction goods
  • Machine tool inspection
  • Opto-Electronic devices
  • Micro-Electronics, Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
  • Mobile phone technologies, Shavers & Watches
  • Medical devices including Implants, Prosthetics, Intra-Vascular systems
  • Paint and Coating Technologies
  • Art and Antiquities Restoration, Research and Conservation activities


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Benefits and Features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz745 trinocular optical headFeatures a Trinocular Optical Head for Stereo viewing and Digital imaging

The SMZ 745T is equipped with a camera port complete with a built-in 0.55x C-mount adapter. This permits the direct mounting of any Nikon DS Series Digital Camera and simplifies the process of digital imaging, capture and observation via a monitor. In addition this microscope model incorporates an optical path-switching lever that enables the diversion of light between the eyepiece and camera. A well-matched camera for the SMZ 745T is the Digital Sight 1000 camera as it can work in stand-alone mode together with an SD card slot allowing PC free image capture.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz745 zoom magnificationImpressive 7.5:1 Zoom Magnification Ratio.

By optimizing the Greenough optical system used in the SMZ 745 series, Nikon was able to realize the 7.5:1 zoom ratio and so provide a total magnification capability from 3.35x to 300x. With the adoption of the new total reflection Porro prism design, the SMZ 745 & SMZ 745T allows brighter and higher contrast images to be realised at all the magnification settings.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz745 working distance115 mm Working Distance

In addition to the high zoom ratio and top magnification, the SMZ 745 and SMZ 745T models offer an impressive standard 115 mm working distance, providing enough room for mechanism assembly under the front lens or easy manipulation of the sample or component.


nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vma2520 touch probing measurementMaximum Ergonomics

The SMZ 745 & SMZ 745T have a streamlined shape for enabling maximum ergonomic advantages to be realised by the user. The zooming knob is equipped with a click stop option for each magnification step in the zoom range, and the optical switching lever for the camera port makes the digital imaging process even easier than ever before.

nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv vma2520 touch probing measurementRugged, Durable design suits a variety of applications and environments

The SMZ 745 and SMZ 745T both offer effective Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) protection to prevent samples or assemblies from being damaged by electrostatic discharge currents. The anti-mold coating applied onto the interior optical parts of the zoom body allow the microscopes to be used in environments where the temperature and humidity are exceptionally high.




Optical system Greenough optical system
Total magnification 3.35-300x, depending on eyepiece and auxiliary objective used
Vertical tube Built-in C-mount 0.55x magnification lens (F.N. 11), compatible with 2/3 in. or smaller CCD
Eyepiece tube Fixed type
Eyepiece inclination


Interpupillary distance adjustment

52-75 mm

Eyepieces (with diopter adjustment) C-W 10xB (F.N. 22), C-W 15x (F.N. 16), C-W 20x (F.N. 12.5), C-W 30x (F.N. 7)
Zooming ratio

7.5:1 (approx.)

Zooming range


Auxiliary objectives G-AL 0.5x (W.D. 211 mm), G-AL 0.7x (W.D. 150 mm),
G-AL 1.5x (W.D. 61 mm), G-AL 2x (W.D. 43.5 mm)
Working distance 115 mm





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