Compact design provides fine resolution at an affordable price

The SMZ445 and SMZ460 offer great optical performance enabling quality images with superior flatness, achieved from an optical design and the quality production standards applied to all Nikon Metrology stereoscopic microscopes. The SMZ445 and SMZ460 are particularly easy to use and guard against electrostatic damage to the sample during inspection.


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Product overview

There is a huge range of applications for these versatile microscopes throughout materials science and industrial tasks. They may be used as a desktop instrument or integrated into wire bonder pull tester machines. Production quality control functions are fulfilled for both routine or critical applications. The SMZ445 and SMZ460 are also ideal for failure analysis to determine and predict modes of failure as well as to verify solutions. Component surface examination, crack detection and corrosion studies are all carried out with ease, as is the investigation of composite materials, textiles and measurement of parts produced by machine tools, from critical aerospace components to building and construction goods.

Optoelectronic devices, microelectronics and micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS) used in remote sensing devices such as accelerometers, in smartphones, gyroscopes are all prime candidates for inspection with an SMZ445 or SMZ460. The stereo microscopes and accessories are well matched to verify the integrity of medical devices including implants, prosthetics, and intravascular systems. Other applications are to be found in modern paint and coating technologies, as well as the research, restoration and conservation of art works and antiquities.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz445 460 header

Benefits & features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz445 460 range of objectives

Range of auxiliary objectives and choice of magnification range

Standard magnification range  is 0.8 to 3.5x for the SMZ445 (4.4:1 zoom ratio) and 0.7  to 3.0x for the SMZ460 (4.3:1 zoom ration).

When mounted on machines , an optimum working distance and depth of focus can be achieved by modifying the standard specification using an accessory lens. Two supplementary objectives are available, either 0.5x and 0.7x, with  a 181mm and 127.5mm working distances respectively.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz445 460 led stand in n

LED stand with an all-in-one design

Accessory stands are a space saving option for a crowded working area. The LED stand features both Diascopic and Episcopic illumination systems. The light intensity of each can be adjusted individually and even be used simultaneously. The light sources use very bright LEDs and since they have a long life, the cost and time spent on regular lamp replacements are avoided.  While the base is compact and thin, it is designed to be robust, strong and easy to use for all operators.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz445 460 header n

Rugged, durable design with ESD protection

The SMZ445 and SMZ460 have strong build quality and are specially treated ESD protection guards against electrostatic damage to samples.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz445 460 working distance n

100mm working distance as standard

A long working distance is necessary for easy manipulation of a sample or component and to avoid the risk of damage to the specimen under investigation.  The SMZ445 and SMZ460 both have an impressive standard working distance of 100mm  before any supplementary lens accessory is fitted. It also means that  there is enough room for a large component or mechanical assembly under the microscope.


Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology’s supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development.

It delivers a valuable combination of in-house products together with those from  selected third-party solution providers

  • SMZ445 / SMZ460 (Europe)
  • Märzhäuser & Prior. Solutions with motorised stages for process automation
  • Schott & Photonic. Providers of LED and a full range of dedicated microscopy illumination systems
  • Inspectis. A macro view of large areas such as for weld inspection alongside the microscopic capability of the stereo microscopes







Twin zooming objective optical system

Twin zooming objective optical system

Total magnification

8x ~ 35x (4x ~ 70x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens)

7x ~ 30x (3.5x ~ 60x by replacing eyepiece and/or auxiliary objective lens)


SM 10xB eyepieces (F.N. 21), SM 15xB eyepieces (F.N.14), SM 20xB eyepieces (F.N. 12)

SM 10xB eyepieces (F.N. 21), SM 15xB eyepieces (F.N.14), SM 20xB eyepieces (F.N. 12)

Zoom range

0.8x ~ 3.5x (Zoom ratio: 4.4:1)

0.7x ~ 3x (Zoom ratio: 4.3:1)

Auxiliary objective lens

AL0.5x, 0.7x (optional)

AL0.5x, 0.7x (optional)

Working distance

100mm (standard configuration), 127.5mm (AL0.7x), 181mm (AL0.5x)

100mm (standard configuration), 127.5mm (AL0.7x), 181mm (AL0.5x)

Eyepiece inclination



Optical system

True erect image, 12º inner bevel, independent adjustment of right and left eyepieces, and 54 to 75mm interpupillary adjustment

True erect image, 12º inner bevel, independent adjustment of right and left eyepieces, and 54 to 75 mm interpupillary adjustment

Weight (Zooming body)

Approx. 1.0kg

Approx. 1.0 kg



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