The high end models of Nikon’s stereo microscope zoom series, the SMZ25 and SMZ 18 revolutionise stereomicroscopy with exceptional image resolution and a unique capability in the 25:1 zoom ratio.

The SMZ25 and SMZ18 series models offer outstanding image quality to both user and digital cameras with minimum user interaction throughout the full magnification capabilities of both microscopes. From routine inspection of critical application components to research and development / failure analysis of innovative structures and devices.


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Product overview

The SMZ25 provides the world’s largest zoom range (25:1) and highest resolution in the SMZ series, along with motorized remote control of the zoom, delivering the zoom value data to Nikon’s imaging software.

The SMZ18 (zoom range 18:1) detects and delivers the zoom value data to Nikon’s imaging software allowing automatic measurement calibration values to be stored with images.

Both SMZ25 and SMZ18 models share a set of four SHR Plan Apo primary objective lenses as 0.5x,  1.0x, 1.6x, and 2.0x.
Two objective lenses can be mounted on an intelligent nosepiece allowing a greatly extended magnification range without need to refocus specimen (parfocal objective lens design concept).
The ALZ function maintains the magnification value setting before and after the lens change (where values overlap).
An on-axis click stop is provided for true vertical observation and image capture.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 auto link zoom

Benefits and Features

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 innovative optical design

Outstanding optical performance

Nikon’s perfect zoom system makes it possible to achieve the world’s highest zoom ratio (25:1) and importantly matching the high numerical aperture values (NA) to both left and right optical axes simultaneously. The remarkable zoom is achieved by utilizing  an opto-mechanical mechanism that continuously changes the distance between the two optical axes during zooming.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 superior resolution zoomSuperior resolution and parfocal objective lens series

Nikon’s innovative SHR Plan Apo objective lens series offers a high resolution of 1100LP/mm (observed value using SHR Plan Apo 2x at maximum zoom). This lens series provides brilliant, flat, exceptional images with true-to-life colours.

Comparison of resolution and colour aberration by resolution standard

The excellent optical quality is immediately clear to see when using the microscope or even by looking at the side by side comparison on the left.

nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 on axis imaging auto link zoomOn-axis imaging using the objective nosepiece

The P2-RNI2 intelligent nosepiece has an additional on-axis position so that a digital images may be acquired of the sample vertically on the central axis of all the objective lenses.

Nikon’s digital sight cameras offer a full range of image capture options for the SMZ25 and SMZ18 series.

Auto link zoom (ALZ) for seamless transition between lenses

The ALZ function automatically readjusts the magnification factor maintaining  the same field of view when changing an objective lens using the nosepiece (SMZ25).

The function enables a stepless magnification range beyond the main zoom ratio. Combining the SHR Plan Apo 0.5x objective with the SHR Plan Apo 2.0x objective on the nosepiece provide the huge 100:1 total magnification range (parfocal objective lens series).


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 remote controllerUser-friendly remote controller

The P2-RC remote controller provides easy access to confirm and control all the zoom, illumination, ALZ, and focus functions (variable focus speed). Designed for both right and left handed operation. The controller’s LCD monitor (with adjustable backlight) provides the information for the zoom factor, objective lens in use, fluorescence filter cube, and LED diascopic base brightness settings.

The user can see all the microscope settings in one place and remain in full control recording and restoring observation conditions between samples and operators.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 software suiteDigital communication

The SMZ25 and SMZ18 allow a wide range of digital imaging capabilities by utilizing Nikon Metrology’s NIS-Elements imaging software suite.


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 ergonomic designErgonomic design concept

Ergonomic advantages are realised from the design of function controls and operator posture with the SMZ25 and SMZ18. The optimal position of the operator’s controls and a variable angle observation tube allows for comfortable and fatigue-free work.

Modular component concept

From the stand to the eyepiece every component option maybe chosen to most closely match a user’s application requirement.

For example, light sources (EPI and/or DIA, Fluorescence), microscope stands, XY stages,  objective lenses, nosepiece, optical heads, eyepieces, camera mounts, digital cameras, and contrast technique components. 


nikon metrology industrial microscopes smz25 18 on nis elementsNIS Elements: Nikon Imaging Software

NIS Elements manages Nikon Digital Sight cameras to capture the best images for processing, organising the images and process versions logically in a smooth workflow. Fast, powerful image tools are enabled, such as:

  • mosaic creation from multiple images of a surface, e.g. following a long microcrack from start to finish
  • extended depth of focus (EDF) ,where an enhanced depth of focus view is provided as an image stack, or a single image is formed only from points of sharp focus.

The upgradable concept balances the software modules and capabilities purchased with a user’s needs satisfied.


Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology’s supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of in-house products together with those from  selected third-party solution providers

  • SMZ25 and SMZ18 (Europe)
  • The Image Source. A wide range of digital camera solutions for routine applications
  • Märzhäuser & Prior. Solutions with motorised stages for process automation
  • Schott & Photonic. Providers of LED and a full range of dedicated microscopy illumination systems
  • Inspectis. A macro view of large areas such as for weld inspection alongside the microscopic capability of the stereo microscopes


Total magnification
(Using 10x eyepiece 
(Depending on objective used)
(Depending on objective used)
Zooming Body Optical system Parallel-optics (zooming type) Parallel-optics (zooming type)
Zoom range 0.63-15.75x 0.75-13.5x
Zoom range 25:1 18:1
Zoom Motorized  Manual
Aperture diaphragm Zooming body built-in  Zooming body built-in
Controller  Remote controller  -
NA / Working Distance (mm)

0.5x  0.078 / 71  0.075 / 71
1x  0.156 / 60 0.15 / 60 
1.6x   0.25 / 30  0.24 / 30
2x  0.312 / 20  0.3 / 20
Tubes  Tilting trinocular tube / Low eyelevel trinocular tube 
Epi-Fluorescence attachment  Motorized / Manual filter cube turret (4 filter cubes mountable) 
Bases / Stand  LED Diascopic base / Fiber Diascopic base
Episcopic plain base / Episcopic plain stand 
Episcopic illuminators  Coaxial Epi illuminator / LED ring  illumination unit
LED ring fiber illumination unit
Flexible double arm fiber illumination unit 
Diascopic illuminators  LED dark field unit /  Polarizing attachment 




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