Nikon Metrology's most advanced microscopes for inspecting the latest wafer types using both Episcopic and Diascopic optical contrast methods

Nikon Metrology’s CFI60-2 optics are incorporated for flawless inspection of 200mm wafers and 150mm x 150mm Diascopic inspection. Combining these superior optics with an extraordinary illumination system, images have greater contrast and resolution. Used independently or in combination with NWL200 wafer loaders, the instrument enables exceptionally precise optical inspection of wafers, reticles and other substrates.


Product overview

Applications are centered around inspection duties in the electronics and telecommunication sectors. Antennae waveguides are measured with utmost precision as well as other components. Wafers for semiconductor or photovoltaic devices, for micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) used in components for example, smartphones, gyroscopes, and accelerometers.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n header

Benefits & features

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n contrast methods

Enhanced range of contrast methods

L-series microscopes are capable of Diascopic illumination (ND models). All have Episcopic illumination for brightfield, darkfield, simple polarising and differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy. The wide range of contrasting techniques suits challenging materials and component features. Photoresist residues can be identified, observed and recorded, even down to 365 nm UV epifluorescence excitation.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n lamphouses

Choice of effective lamphouses

A choice of lamp units is available to suit different applications according to the material and the optical contrast, as well as desired service life and power consumption.

High-intensity 12V-50W halogen illuminator
The innovative, high intensity, 12V-50W halogen illuminator is actually brighter than the former standard 12V-100W illuminator.

LED illuminator option
The compact LED unit permits uninterrupted inspection sessions, as no filament failures are possible. Energy consumption is significantly reduced.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n noccepiece

Motorised, durable, universal nosepiece

Up to six objectives can be mounted at the same time. Excellent parcentricity of the objective lenses minimises shifting of the image when an objective is changed, saving time by avoiding disorientation at the region of interest. This allows stable observation from high to low magnification while maintaining the same image position.

To protect the operator’s eyesight, an illumination anti-flash mechanism engages when the microscope nosepiece is rotated and an objective lens is changed.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n eyepiece tube

Tilting, trinocular, widefield eyepiece tube

The eyepiece has an ultra-wide 25mm field of view and angle adjustment between 0 and 30 degrees. Controls and knobs are positioned low and close to the operator, while the eyepoint is set at the ideal height for comfortable operation.

The eyepiece is positioned close to the operator so that he or she can assume a more erect sitting posture. This also positions the operator farther from the stage to provide a more ergonomic and safe viewing position and protect the object from operator contamination.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n controls front

Controls at the front of the microscope

The main control knobs and buttons are located at the front of the microscope for easy access, making microscope operation for viewing samples quick and easy. With the controls located conveniently in the microscope base, hand movement is minimal, allowing concentration on the inspection process. The X Y drop control is ergonomically positioned, so constant access to focus adjustment is always maintained, minimising fatigue during lengthy inspection sessions.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n optical target

Optical target for easy and precise focusing

Inserting a target in the optical path allows easy and accurate focusing on low-contrast samples, such as bare wafers. Rapid focusing on areas of the sample with no guide features is possible. It saves a considerable amount of time and gives confidence to the user that he or she is in the right focus position.

nikon metrology semi conductor l200n niss

NIS Elements: Nikon Imaging Software

NIS Elements manages Nikon Digital Sight cameras to capture the best images and organise them and process versions logically in a smooth workflow. Fast, powerful imaging tools are enabled, such as:

  • mosaic creation from multiple images of a surface, e.g. following a long micro-crack from start to finish
  • extended depth of focus (EDF) ,where an enhanced depth of focus view is provided as an image stack, or a single image is formed only from points of sharp focus.

The upgradable concept balances the software modules and capabilities purchased with a user’s needs satisfied.

Nikon Metrology Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology’s supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of in-house products together with those from  selected third-party solution providers

  • Eclipse L200N/ND (Europe)
  • The Image Source. A wide range of digital camera solutions for routine applications
  • Märzhäuser & Prior. Solutions with motorised stages for process automation
  • Inspectis. A macro view of large areas such as for weld inspection alongside the microscopic capability of the stereo microscopes



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