Strong construction, exceptional optics provide excellent image quality for both the observer and digital camera, with analysis software options too

The modular microscope design enables bright field and simple polarizing contrast techniques, allowing image capture and subsequent image processing and analysis.

Nikon Metrology’s CFI60-2 objective EPI lens series provides the ultimate in long working distance capabilities together with an advanced chromatic aberration correction system, all combined with a strong, robust microscope and stage construction.

The instrument is easy to operate, enabling a smooth, efficient workflow from sample image preparation, image capture on to processing and analysis using the NIS-Elements software suite.


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Product overview

The MA100N is ideal for examining manufactured components and polished cross sections of metallurgical specimens across all industry sectors. Digital image capture and quantification make the instrument suitable for applications including cast iron nodularity and graphite flake analysis as well as metallic grain sizing.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n header

Benefits & features

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n ledillumination

LED Illumination

The MA100N is fitted as standard with a dedicated LED illuminator.

  • The absence of a filament allows very well diffused illumination of the sample, avoiding shading effects that would otherwise have to be compensated for in software.
  • Power consumption of the LED unit is around one-third that of a conventional halogen lamp. The lifetime of the LED unit is about 30 times that of a halogen lamp source.
  • Colour temperature is uniform across different light intensities.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n compact body

Compact body

The MA100N is physically smaller than the previous model.

  • The footprint is about 11% smaller than the previous model, allowing more desk space around the unit.
  • The new LED unit is incorporated into the main stand body, so the microscope may be moved further back on the bench surface.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n sample stage

Sample stage

The MA100N uses a 3-plate stage design to move the sample over the objective lens efficiently.

  • The stage construction is perfect for material science applications and heavy objects.
  • The 3-plate design allows the sample to be moved in the X and Y axes without having to slide it over the top surface of the stage.
  • The user benefits from long life of the instrument and protection of the sample’s polished surface, during observation.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n aperture

Aperture diaphragm

The illuminator system has a built-in, stepless aperture iris.

  • The aperture iris allows accurate control balancing image contrast with resolution.
  • The depth of focus in the image may be increased when needed, for example to see into micro-cracks at and below the surface.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n optical system

CFI60-2 optical system

The MA100N uses the latest Nikon CFI60-2 TU Plan EPI objective lenses series.

  • A high numerical aperture combined with longer working distances produces excellent image quality and resolution whilst maintaining a safe space between lens and sample.
  • Low power overview objectives of 1x and 2.5x are available.
  • Both extra-long and super-long working distance objective lenses are available.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n photo port option

Photo-port option

The binocular design can be upgraded with a third optical path for image acquisition, storage, processing and routine or complex image analysis.

  • All Nikon Metrology’s Digital Sight cameras can be coupled with the MA100N. Image processing software from the powerful NIS-Elements suite may then be used.

nikon metrology inverted microscopes ma100n nis elements

NIS-Elements: Nikon Imaging Software

NIS Elements software manages Nikon Metrology’s Digital Sight cameras to capture the best images for processing. It organises images, processes them logically and in a smooth workflow. Fast, powerful imaging tools are enabled, such as a mosaic creation from many images, for example following a long micro-crack inside a sample on the surface to start / finish.

Another useful tool is Extended Depth of Focus (EDF), where an enhanced depth of focus view is provided as an image stack, or a simple, single image is formed only from points of sharp focus. The upgradable NIS-Elements concept balances a user’s needs with the software modules and capabilities available.

Nikon Metrology’s Strategic Partners

Nikon Metrology's supplier partnership program offers an exceptionally high degree of communication and solution development. It delivers a valuable combination of Nikon Metrology products and selected third-party solution providers.

MA-100N (Europe)

The Image Source. A wide range of digital camera solutions for routine applications.

Märzhäuser & Prior. Solutions for motorised stages in automated processes.

Inspectis. A macro view of large areas such as weld inspection alongside the microscopic capability of the MA-100N.


Optics CFI60/CFI60-2 system
Observation image

Reversed image

Observation method Brightfield and polarization (with MA P/A simple polarizer/analyzer set)
Focusing Focusing nosepiece (fixed stage), coaxial coarse/fine adjustment knob with 8.5-mm stroke
(Coarse adjustment of 37.7mm per turn, fine adjustment of 0.2mm per turn)
Nosepiece Brightfield 5-position nosepiece
Stage MA-SR-N Rectangular 3-plate Stage N: 50×50 mm stroke (includes two stage inserts (ø20mm and 40mm opening) and coaxial control handle on the right side
The 3-plate design allows entire top surface to move. Optional Stage inserts: MA-SRSH1
Specimen Holder 1 with (ø15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening
MA-SP-N Plain Stage N: 188×310mm - Includes two stage inserts (1) clear acrylic stage insert with ø30mm opening, (2) clear acrylic stage insert with crescent opening (width 30mm) to allow clearance for rotation of high magnification objectives
Optional stage inserts: MA-SRSH1 Specimen Holder 1 with 15mm opening or MA-SH3 Specimen Holder 3 with 2mm to 32mm adjustable opening
Accepts Attachable Mechanical Stage TI-SM
TS2-S-SM Mechanical Stage: 126mm×78mm stroke, handle can be attached on the right or left side of the plain stage
Optional Specimen Holders to fit Attachable Mechanical stage: MA-SH1-N Specimen Holder 1N (ø15mm opening)
MA-SH2-N Specimen Holder 2N (ø30mm opening), or C-S-HU Universal Holder (30mm to 65mm adjustable opening)
Illuminator Internal power supply white LED light source, condenser built-in (lever operated), ø25mm filter can be inserted
Binocular body Built-in Siedentopf binocular, 45 inclination angle and 50 to 75-mm interpupillary adjustment, attachable camera port, eyepiece/Port: 100/0:0/100
Power consumption (max.) 15W
External dimensions 229×551×404 mm (W×D×H)
Weight Approx. 10kg


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