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Graphene inspection applications

 nikon metrology graphene inspection applications

The new miracle material graphene really pushes researchers to the limits by their efforts as well as the equipment required to fully understand this material and product characteristics. To explore beyond these limits advanced inspection technologies such as surface profilers and scanning electron microscopes do bring new insights rapidly for researchers and manufacturers.

Nikon is renowned for excellent optical inspection solutions and cameras. This experience can help you to advance with good speed your own team’s research into graphene and its applications.

Here is a short overview of some of our tools that are used in various fields of graphene research.

Graphene inspection application Nikon solution Main characteristics  
  • Inspection of the deposit of graphene layers
  • Inspection of layer thickness of printed active material on graphene
BW White light surface profiler
  • Realizes 0.1 nm-level measurements of ultra-smooth surfaces
BW-S507 featured image
  • Shape and size analysis of graphene platelets
  • Sorting of highest quality platelets
Neoscope Benchtop scanning electron microscope
  • Combines the familiarity of a digital camera with the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM
  • Inspection of graphene printed structures (size, shape, position, etc) on semicon, wafer or diced chip
Eclipse industrial microscopes
  • Outstanding versatility, performance and productivity
  • Grading and sorting of raw graphene flakes
SMZ Stereomicroscopes
  • World’s highest 25:1 zoom, with an amazing sharpness by high quality lenses

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