Overcoming silo measurement techniques in automotive shopfloor

Nikon’s new APDIS Article about industry challenges and how to overcome them with the plug-and-play multitool.

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Overcoming silo measurement techniques: absolute results over methods

We wanted to thank everyone who joined Nikon Metrology's newest Webinar focusing on APDIS. Jason Ososki, Director of Automotive Solutions, and Roy Maidment, Sales Manager, presented Nikon’s APDIS as a versatile plug-and-play multitool for agile and lean shopfloor production.

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Nikon‘s APDIS as a versatile plug and play multitool for agile and lean shop floor production. The real paradigm shift in automotive.



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“Users will immediately notice the new look and smaller size allowing better handling and usability. Installation flexibility is also improved with standard mounting interfaces and improved robot adapters as well as a closer minimum range of 0.5m for more compact layouts. Additionally, our new HD camera and Nikon optics provide a much improved user experience with a clear view of what is being measured.”

Read the full article with APDIS Product Manager Paul Lightowler about his experience, anecdotes and further insights on APDIS.

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Our Experts for APDIS know how challenging automotive quality control can be, especially with the highly changing production environment and demands right now. We can help your transformation to agile and lean shopfloors with the APDIS Laser Radar to ensure that you have your results faster, learn faster and launch faster.

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