Webinars - 2019

Ensuring fitness for purpose of additive manufactured parts using X-ray Micro-CT

Thursday, December 5th 2019 - 14:00 EST

In this webinar attendees will learn

  • Why high-resolution 3D imaging is needed to find even small voids in complex additive-layer manufactured parts
  • Why miniscule defects in small structures can lead to costly failure
  • How X-ray computed tomography (CT) can provide protection against failures
  • How CT provides a comprehensive dimensional check


Andrew Ramsey graduated in physics from the University of Cambridge in 1986 and first developed image analysis software for non-destructive testing (NDT/NDE) at the U.K.’s Harwell Laboratory. He has worked in X-ray computed tomography (CT) since 1992.

He joined X-Tek Systems, Tring, U.K. in 1999 and developed their first CT reconstruction software and in 2006 moved into the sales department as a technical advisor. Following the acquisition of X-Tek by Metris and subsequently by Nikon, Andrew joined Nikon Metrology’s X-ray Centre of Excellence supporting CT systems, agents, sales staff, and customers worldwide. 

Estimating the true cost of metrology in automotive BIW Laser Radar as part of Quality 4.0

Estimating the true cost of metrology in automotive BIW Laser Radar as part of Quality 4.0

Tuesday 18th June 2019 - 15:00 CEST | 14.00 BST | 09:00 EDT | 08:00 CDT 

Quality 4.0 is a new vision for quality following the lead of the Industry 4.0 concept. Automotive production relies on quality to upkeep an automaker’s brand image within its customer base.

In the production process, suboptimal dimensional quality can lengthen lead times and cause cost overruns related to the reworking of non-compliant parts or forced downstream production adjustments.

Traditional metrology techniques in the automotive industry can be time consuming and costly yet they have remained largely unchanged for decades.

The Nikon Metrology Laser Radar solution offers a unique alternative to the traditional car body inspection methods, providing accurate, absolute measurement data anywhere in the factory. With drastically increased feature measurement speeds and surface scanning capability, it is the innovative solution for continuously monitoring quality throughout production.

This webinar illustrates the issues with the traditional metrology approach with real life examples; estimates the real day to day costs of these technologies; shows how a Laser Radar solution can improve on this; demonstrates how this all fits into the vision of Quality 4.0.

CT in Industry 4.0 - Bringing quality inspection to the next digital level

CT in Industry 4.0 - Bringing quality inspection to the next digital level

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019 - 10:00 - 11:00 CET

Are you aware that Computed Tomography isn’t just a tool for lab based inspections?

Due to the short scanning and reconstruction times of modern CT hardware, along with powerful automation capabilities within cutting edge software packages, this high quality inspection method can be integrated directly into production processes.

This webinar will explain:

  • How to integrate this technology into your production processes
  • The impact CT can have on overall output quality
  • The benefits of automated high speed CT scanning
  • The multifarious possibilities of voxel analysis
  • The advantages of CT to multiple departments within your organisation
  • How CT meets the demands for Quality 4.0 process control

All topics will be illustrated with numerous examples and customer applications.