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Webinars - 2018


Get insight into complex parts with micro-focus computed tomography

Get insight into complex parts with micro-focus computed tomography

Tuesday, October 16, 2018 - 9 AM EDT (3 PM CEST – 2 PM BST)

Nikon industrial X-ray and CT systems inspect internal dimensions with micron-level detail in a non-destructive way. CT also provides insight into the material structure and is a must-have tool in the inspection toolbox to ensure Quality 4.0 processes. Join us for a webinar that explains how Nikon Metrology X-ray and CT solutions can also help you to refine your prototyping processes and manufacturing.

  • Learn about micro CT technology and differences with mini-focus X-ray/CT
  • Discover the numerous advantages of CT such as NDT, structural analysis, dimensional inspection of internal geometry
  • Learn how CT can help you to advance your inspection process and get products faster-to-market
  • Understand which applications are suited for Nikon X-ray and CT inspection
  • Learn how CT can be automated as an inline inspection tool
  • Learn how also you can start with CT projects without heavy investments

Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM

Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM

High end manufacturing requires reliable quality information fed back into the production process. The availability of this information during prototyping, ramp-up and the main build process is key to reducing time-to-production and increasing process quality and repeatability.

The Nikon Metrology Laser Radar CMM solution encapsulates these requirements to provide fast, CMM quality measurements, on the shopfloor. It is a unique alternative to the traditional car body inspection methods, providing accurate, absolute measurement data anywhere in the factory.

Using real life application examples from the automotive industry, this webinar will illustrate the real added value of this next-generation CMM inspection solution: fast inspection, accurate data, absolute measurements and integrated with leading software packages.

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CLEMEX image analysis on NIKON microscopes

CLEMEX image analysis on NIKON microscopes

When it comes to materials quality, laboratories and steel mills need to meet industry specifications for inclusion rating. A challenge today for laboratories is to improve their productivity to inspect a high number of samples with the greatest detail. This is possible by analyzing inclusions automatically with impressive speed, accuracy, and repeatability.

In this webinar you will discover how to gain 42 minutes per sample compared to the manual method, by using the automated Clemex inclusion rating system. Combined with the excellent optics of NIKON industrial microscopes, this becomes a powerful tool for material analysis that provides convenient edge-tracking and multi-field mapping capabilities.

Webinar highlights

  • Brief introduction to Clemex image analysis solutions
  • Automated run for ASTM-E45 (2 min per sample)
  • Validating and exporting results
  • Automated run on 6 samples according to ISO 4967