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Nikon Metrology NV | Europe
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Nikon is developing a broad spectrum of advanced technologies, products and services, and based on opto-electronics and precision technologies. In this way, Nikon supports society throughout the world, evolving cutting-edge industries that nurture the future, fulfilling the dreams of people everywhere.

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Precision Equipment Business

Supports the electronics-based society through the development and production of semiconductor lithography systems that produce semiconductors, as well as FPD lithography systems for manufacturing liquid crystal panels and OLED panels.

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Imaging Products Business

Continues expanding the possibilities of imaging through applying knowhow and camera technologies accumulated over Nikon’s long history in the industry, as well as advanced digital image technology.

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Instruments Business

Supports the development of society by providing technologies that ensure micro precision and accuracy, ranging from those used in bioscience to industrial fields.

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Medical Business

Develops new technologies, devices and services to answer unmet medical needs at each stage — prevention, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis management.

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Other Businesses

Contribute to the evolution of science, technology, industry and society with our businesses' diverse products and technologies, ranging from everyday products such as ophthalmic lenses to cutting-edge technologies related to space exploration and highly sophisticated industries.

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