X.Tract provides deeper insight in multi-layer PCB assemblies and complex electronic components


X.Tract provides CT-quality inspection results of complex, multi-layer electronics assemblies without slicing them.  In a rapid and user friendly process, itenables virtual micro-sections in any direction in the region-of-interest. X.Tract reveals defects that are obscured in 2D X-ray images of complex components such as Package on Package (PoP) or double sided boards. With X.Tract, users gain better insights leading to reduced false call rates and higher productivity.

Fast data acquisition, powerful analysis

The new X.Tract tool provides, fully automated acquisition, powerful image processing and detailed reporting. PCBA, components or wafers are placed in an XT V 160 system and 2D images at submicron level are automatically taken 360° around the region-of-interest of the board. Image acquisition is complete within minutes and the 2D X-ray scans are reconstructed into a detailed 3D model, that can be sliced and analyzed in any plane.

X.Tract provides insightful analysis of multi-layer components or double-sided boards where 2D X-ray could obscure defects:

  • Inspection of complex packages such as BGA, PoP, CSP, QFN, LGA
  • Identification of hard-to-see defects such as Head-on-Pillow (HoP), open joints and cracks
  • Voids analysis at joint interfaces or bulk solder
  • Visualization of complex thru-hole components, connectors and board vias
  • Identification of defects such as component misalignment and board warpage


Example Example

Layered components
are difficult to
detect in classic
2D X-ray image


Travel layer by layer through a PCB board, revealing
detailed information of components on every virtual slice

Example Example

2D X-ray of
smart phone


X.Tract details
of layer


of BGAs,visualized
in a
3D representation