WEBINAR - Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM - June 26th


The 'Increasing process quality and repeatability with Laser Radar CMM' Webinar will take place on Tuesday, June 26th at 15:30 CET | 14:30 BST | 09:30 EST.

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High-end manufacturing requires reliable quality information fed back into the production process. The availability of this information during prototyping, ramp-up and the main build process is key to reducing time-to-production and increasing process quality and repeatability.

The Nikon Metrology Laser Radar CMM solution encapsulates these requirements to provide fast, CMM quality measurements, on the shopfloor. It is a unique alternative to the traditional car body inspection methods, providing accurate, absolute measurement data anywhere in the factory.

Using real life application examples from the automotive industry, this webinar will illustrate the real added value of this next-generation CMM inspection solution: fast inspection, accurate data, absolute measurements and integrated with leading software packages.

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This webinar is presented by Paul Lightowler, Laser Radar Product Manager, Nikon Metrology. 

Paul has more than 10 years of automotive, aerospace and large scale metrology experience. Along with his team, Paul has worked with key Automotive OEMs and integration partners to develop a new approach to production inspection using the automated capabilities of the Laser Radar.