NEW: CMM-Manager 3.7 for CMM, portable measuring and iNEXIV video systems


This latest release of CMM-Manager 3D Metrology software adds support for Renishaw SP25 on Mitutoyo CMM, improved support for Renishaw UCC Server, an updated Gear Module, reporting and vision enhancements, and improved CAD graphics display.


3 7 Vision



Renishaw SP25 Analog Probe support for Mitutoyo CMM

CMM-Manager supports use of SP25 on five DCC CMM controllers including Nikon, Sheffield, Renishaw, I++, and now Mitutoyo UC200.  SP25 support includes automatic sensor calibration, full Path Planning for all measured feature types, statistical filtering of measured results, and complex Cloud scanning for irregular shapes.


Improved support of Renishaw UCC Server

Support UCC Server version up to 5.0.3.  Probe Assembly, Tip Calibration, Machine Volume, Table Height, Calibration Sphere, and all CMM setup parameters are automatically synchronized via X-Path for UCC I++ interface.


To download the latest version of Nikon Metrology CMM-Manager 3.7, click here.




Gear Module enhancements

Export measured data points from CMM-Manager Gear Module in to Zeiss Involute Pro format.  Allows Gear Module user to use  external application for gear analysis as well as built in gear reporting tools.


Reporting enhancements

Improved True Position Report for Cylinder feature with non-isometric orientation.  Allow simultaneous edit of tolerance for multiple report operations.  Create custom Microsoft Excel reports faster with new DDE paste range and offset functions.  Automatically set deviation mode for 2D (spike) and 3D (disc) features.




iNexiv and Vision enhancements

More robust Pattern Recognition by performing iterative Pattern Matching.  Unknown Edge Profile measurement with improved accuracy and vision tool placement.  Statistical point filter for line, slot, and circle features.  Toggle between Live Video, imported image, or static image from external digital camera.


Improved 3D CAD and Text display

Larger and smoother text in main graphics, text reports, and graphical reports.  OpenGL smoothing enabled for feature, CAD, and line display in main graphics and graphical reports.  View manipulation automatically rotate about center of current feature operation.




Further reading:  FLIR uses the ALTO CMM and CMM-Manager to guarantee IP class rating for thermal cameras.