Inspect-X 4.1 provides ultra-sharp images and advanced BGA analysis


Inspect-X 4.1, the latest release of the acquisition and analysis software for Nikon Metrology’s range of X-ray and CT systems, provides improved real-time imaging and advanced BGA analysis. The C.Clear real-time image enhancements provide easy-to-interpret images for fast online defect recognition. The new image processing algorithms enable automated BGA analysis and reporting for stacked components and multi-layered boards. Nikon Metrology X-ray systems with Inspect-X 4.1 are ready to handle today’s and tomorrow’s complex electronics boards and components.

See Clear with C.Clear: The most advanced real-time X-ray imaging engine

C.Clear, the latest advancement in real-time X-ray inspection, provides crystal-clear X-ray images that previously only could be realised by acquiring multiple images and advanced post-processing.

C.Clear intelligently adapts to changing X-ray conditions and sample positions, automatically adjusting image controls, contrast and brightness in order to provide the clearest and sharpest images to aid in defect recognition. Real-time enhancements and filters can be chosen and stored as user profiles to suit different sample types or individual operator preferences.

With C.Clear, operators can make fast and well-informed decisions, enabling defects to be detected correctly first time, especially for hard to detect faults within multi-tier BGA or complex bond wires. The C.Clear imaging engine enables manufacturers to increase inspection throughput and to reduce false call rates, leading to improved quality and efficiency.                     

nikon metrology c.clear

BGA analysis tool: Next-generation automated defect analysis

The new BGA tool provides powerful image processing, fully automated analysis and detailed reporting to inspect complex packages such as Package on Package (PoP) or dual-layered boards.

The system features a user friendly template creation GUI of each BGA package, detailing array dimensions, positions and geometries using a wizard or directly imported from file. The operator defines the position of templates using fiducial marker points to reference the BGA device. The tool automatically inspects each ball using advanced void analysis featuring single and total void percentage per ball. It also checks ball count, circularity, under- or oversizing, bridging and misalignment defects. The built-in reporting features overlay the X-ray images with colour-coded analysis for easy interpretation.

The BGA tool is ideal for large batch inspection, as the automated process allows multiples of boards to be inspected in one routine. This automated process reduces errors that are normally attributed with manual inspection, such as operator fatigue, judgement bias and subjective interpretations. The BGA analysis tool enables manufacturers and assembly houses to automate their inspection processes, increasing throughput and productivity as well as reducing false call rates.


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