DMG MORI’s Machine Tools install Nikon’s LC15Dx laser scanner


As part of the comprehensive business alliance, Nikon and DMG MORI concluded a memorandum of understanding for sales and purchase agreement of Nikon’s non-contact laser scanner LC15Dx to be installed into DMG MORI’s machine tools.

Nikon’s LC15Dx, non-contact laser scanner, enables multi-point measurement with equivalent accuracy of contact-type coordinate measuring machine and high speed by installing high-performance data processing function. Also, LC15Dx is able to efficiently measure a wide variety of parts, including many parts that are too small or fragile for a touch probe without contacting the parts.



dmg mori lc15dxImage of LC15Dx, sold to DMG MORI. (Exterior finishing and design may change).



DMG MORI will install the LC15Dx to its original non-contact on-machine measuring system, and begin selling the machine tools that install the new measuring system as an option in this autumn. It is ideal for instrumenting and measuring large gears and turbine blades for aircraft, construction machinery, and the energy industry; contributing to improve machining processes and machining accuracy. Equipped products will be expanded sequentially.


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