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Auto MeasureEyes – Easy, automated video measurement!

nikon metrology automeasure eyesAuto MeasureEyes is the latest imaging software available for iNEXIV VMA CNC Video Measuring Systems. It enables easy operation for anyone and measurement programs can be created with just a few clicks.

Key benefits:

  • Stitching
  • One-click measurement
  • Easy programming/reporting functions
  • Large stroke/long working distance
Vorteile und Merkmale


Stitching is the bonding of multiple images. Entire images of large samples can be displayed by a stitching process, which can then be used for measurement.

One-click Measurement

Users can acquire highly precise results by clicking on measurement areas. Detailed settings are no longer required for Auto Measure Eyes

Easy programming/Reporting functions

Procedures taken to conduct measurement become the program itself, allowing users to repeat measurements by simply reloading the program. Measurement results can be exported as OK/No-Go reports.

Large stroke/Long working distance

Offers maximum stroke of 650x650x200mm and 73.5mm working distance (when using Laser AF 63mm) to be applicable to various samples.

Supported Models

nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv inexiv VMA6555 nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv inexiv VMA450 nikon metrology video measuring systems inexiv inexiv VMA2520
Technische Daten
System requirements  
OS Windows 7 professional SP1 (64bit) Windows 10 Professional (64bit)
CPU 2.8GHz 4 core
RAM 4GB or more
HDD 500GB SATA or more
Display resolution 1366x768 pixel or higher (recommended: 1920x1080
Language Japanese, English
Auto MeasureEyes
Auto MeasureEyes




Auto MeasureEyes
Auto MeasureEyes