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nikonmetrology automotive aftermarketsAftermarket companies stay competitive when they are flexible in dealing with ever-changing product designs. Designers adding non-factory parts, accessories and upgrades to a motor vehicle, for example, often face issues with CAD drawings that are outdated or too detailed. Instead, tow bar manufacturers use a portable MMDx laser scanner on an MCAx articulated measuring arm to quickly digitize a vehicle’s rear bottom end. In their mechanical design software, they use the 3D scan surfaces to set the accurate spatial boundary conditions for designing a dedicated tow bar system. In the process, the point cloud software filters the point cloud, eliminates excess points and transforms the point cloud into a polygon surface mesh.

nikonmetrology automotive aftermarkets interiorscanAlso when stretching and armoring prestige vehicles for kings, presidents and sheiks, engineers scan the entire vehicle body after seats and trim have been removed. A K-Scan MMDx tracked by a K-Series Optical CMM is used to ergonomically capture vehicle interior and exterior in one go, avoiding many costly and time-consuming iterations later in the process. Aftermarkets rely on fast and accurate reverse engineering metrology solutions to quickly acquire critical engineering insight in the earliest stages of development.

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