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Focus Handheld API


Nikon Metrology API  to interface directly with handheld 3D laser scanners from Nikon Metrology

Focus handheld API

As a plug-in to 3rd party point cloud applications, the Nikon Metrology API manages point cloud acquisition by controlling all interaction between the new generation digital ModelMaker laser scanners and handheld localizer of choice.

Highly accurate and reliable, it delivers control tools for the laser scanner, including scanner parameter modification or running of qualification routines. The resulting point cloud data is fed directly into the point cloud software in real time, ready for processing into usable 3D data and models.

Key benefits:

  • Handles all interfacing with the ModelMaker scanner of choice
  • Fully manages scanner point cloud acquisition
  • Ensures highest accuracy and reliability of the acquired data
  • Supports Nikon Metrology’s latest-generation handheld scanning solutions
  • Enable to directly scan within  a variety of 3rd party pointcloud inspection and RE software

Available integrations:

  • Geomagic Qualify & Studio
  • InnovMetric PolyWorks
  • INUS Rapidform
  • Verisurf

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