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K-Scan MMDx digital handheld laser scanner solutions


K-Scan MMDx full freedom handheld scanning

K-Scan MMDx

K-Scan MMDx is Nikon Metrology's walk-around laser scanner for portable metrology applications. The MMDx scanner is renowned for its accuracy, easy-to-use and stunning performance. The scanner is tracked by the K-Series Optical CMM, so that operators can take scans anywhere needed. K-Scan MMDx is the ultimate tool for accurate part-to-CAD inspection and productive reverse engineering. It combines the accuracy and productivity of the MMDx laser scanner with the operator freedom, measurement volume and motion compensation of the K-Series Optical CMM.

Key benefits

  • Measure anywhere
  • Effortless handling by ergonomic design
  • High scanning throughput
  • Superior accuracy
  • Wide range of applications

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Categories: Handheld scanning

Applications: Automotive Design and Styling, Aftermarkets, Pilot Plant Metrology, Full Vehicle Inspection, Flush and Gap Inspection