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Nikon Metrology Focus 10 brings CMM and handheld scanning experience to a higher level

December 15, 2011

Focus 10 offers a completely new user interface and now provides support for handheld laser scanning and tactile probing. Users gain productivity through the new intuitive and attractive user interface that optimizes available space of the 3D scene. The tabbed ribbon bar provides direct access to the relevant functions for every workflow step. Customers with a laser scanner on a CMM or a measuring arm can complete the entire inspection process within Focus from fast and reliable data acquisition over powerful point cloud inspection to graphic reporting. Furthermore, Focus 10 extends GD&T support and features the automated Fuse point cloud post-processing function, requiring one mouse click to evolve from a measured point cloud to a smooth mesh.

New user interface drives productivity gains

Nikon Metrology Focus 10

Working with Focus 10 and its intuitive Microsoft Office 2010-style user interface is a new experience that helps you to perform inspection jobs more efficiently. Focus shares the same elegant look and feel with the latest releases of CMM Manager and CAMIO featuring  context-specific ribbon bars and the same 3D scene navigation controls.       

The new tabbed ribbon bars give direct access to those specific functions that users need during every step in the measuring workflow. Each button features a redesigned icon and a mouse-over tooltip, making it easier to locate the right function. Focus 10 brings an optimized screen layout by reorganizing menu and status bars functions. This significantly increases the size of the 3D scene, which allows users to more efficiently perform graphic data analysis.

Supporting handheld laser scanning and tactile probing

Focus 10 Handheld scanning

Focus software is renowned for CMM laser scanning inspection, but with Focus 10, also portable scanners users can perform the entire acquisition to reporting workflow in a single software. They can use tactile measurements for quick alignment, and start scanning right away. Operators can easily adapt 3D scene view and navigation simply by using the controls of the measuring arm. Every scan sweep appears on the screen as part of a highly realistic rendered point cloud image, ready for in-depth Focus inspection. The same rich functionality for part-to-CAD or feature inspection is available for processing point clouds originating from manual or CMM measurements.

Focus 10 report

Simplifying inspection to make faster decisions

To speed up and simplify the CMM or manual inspection process, Focus 10 introduces Fuse, an inspection algorithm that automatically combines individual point cloud processing steps. The expert knowledge contained in Fuse ensures scan data subtraction, merging, filtering and meshing to obtain a single high-quality geometry data set. As such, users are able to realize major productivity gains.

Focus 10 report

Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) support is extended both on the report and export levels. New compare fly-outs with modern styling display GD&T information more clearly. Focus introduces separate deviation bars for all individual point coordinates, so that users can make metrology inspection decisions faster. They evaluate tolerances at a glance, and can attribute these instantly to a certain direction. Also the export of GD&T data has been enhanced, now containing measured values as well as their individual tolerances.

Nikon Metrology continues to intensively collaborate with its customers to enhance laser scanning acquisition and processing.  This resulted in numerous software functionality enhancements that all contribute to better and faster 3D digital inspection process.