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Join us and register for our upcoming webinar to kick off Superbowl Season! Find out how you can tackle your toughest challenges with the MMDx and MCAx Digital Scanning Inspection System - New from Nikon Metrology!


You will be kicking field goals left and right after you listen to Business Development Manager, Alex Lucas discuss several ways you can utilize scanning for your most challenging application. 
• Don’t get flagged for delay of game, with up to 150 Hz frame rate, the MMDx will crush your cycle time
Rush for a touchdown with the system’s ability to scan tough-to-handle surfaces
• Does your team already have an arm?  The MMDx can be a free agent and can adapt to many 3rd party measuring devices
• The MMDx is robust and comes with a 2-year warranty, so feel free to kick the extra point across your factory floor
• Entry-level MCA arm great for rookies, the MCAx offers an accuracy edge for experienced pros
Call the Wining Play with your point cloud data in the virtual world of Focus 10 or a number of integrated 3rd party software packages
Join us on January 23rd at 2:00pm(est) to learn more about the latest technology in the industry.

Register here if you cannot see the above link.
Want us to cover a topic that you don't see listed above? Email us your question to and we will answer it during the webinar. 
If you can't make the webinar, but are interested in a personal demonstration, contact us for more details.