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XT V 130 Electronics X-ray system

The XT V 130 Electronics X-ray system has been discontinued.


Compact XT V 130 for affordable QA X-ray inspections


The XT V 130 is an affordable, compact and low-weight X-ray system executing automated QA on serial-produced electronic samples. Intuitive control software and automated inspection functions are ideal for operators manually or automatically inspecting multilayer boards, PCB solder joints, ball grid arrays (BGA) and μBGAs. As a result, samples are inspected and assigned pass/fail status based on user-definable criteria.

Key benefits

  • Interactive visualization or fully automatic inspection
  • High-resolution and high-magnification imaging reveals all defects
  • Fast operation with intuitive joystick navigation
  • Low cost of ownership and maintenance with open-tube technology
  • Safety first

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Categories: X-ray systems for electronics inspection

Applications: Optoelectronics, MEMS, X-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCB, Automated measurement, Microelectronics, Telecom & Electronics, Mobile phones, shavers & watches