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Productive X-ray inspections of electronics components


Inspect-X has been designed around the user experience, resulting in intuitive and productive X-ray inspection. Inspect-X features user friendly wizards to guide users through complex inspections, as well as utilizing the most advanced visualization and analysis function capabilities. XT V systems with Inspect-X enable rapid deployment of new product lines, within minutes, rather than hours or days.

Key benefits

  • Focused on increasing productivity for electronics X-ray inspection
  • Workflow based – all necessary controls available to the user’s process
  • Interactive visualization or fully automatic inspection
  • Ultra sharp images for correct decision-making
  • High-resolution and high-magnification imaging reveals all defects
  • Component specific automated pass/fail analysis for BGA, bond wires
  • Automatic HTML report generation
  • Integrated CT acquisition
  • Minimum training time

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