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Higher resolution and faster: X.Tend your CT scanning capability
working principle_Helical

In comparison to conventional circular CT scanning, X.Tend is a CT acquisition method that allows customers to extend the height of their CT scan by moving the tall sample up through the X-ray cone-beam as the sample rotates. X.Tend eliminates the need to have partial scans of a sample that are stitched back together afterwards.


  • Faster acquisition & processing
    • Faster than several circular scans at same magnification
    • Easier to mount the sample
  • Improved image quality
    • No cone beam artefact (better results on horizontal surfaces)
    • No ring artefact
    • No stitching artefact
  • Increased resolution
    • Sample doesn’t have to fit in single image
    • Scanning tall samples at high magnification

 * X.Tend is currently available on MCT 225 systems

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