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Nikon Eclipse L300 Series FPD/LSI Inspection Microscopes

The Eclipse L300 Series has been discontinued and replaced by the Eclipse L300N Series.


Featuring Nikon's most advanced optics for flawless inspection of large-size LCDs and wafers.

Configured for 300mm wafer and mask inspection, the Eclipse L300 Series also satisfies the need for Flat Panel Display backend inspection, which includes the inspection of LCDs. The L300 Series utilizes Nikon proprietary CFI60 optical system, offering high resolution, contrast and transmittance. Image brightness has been dramatically improved compared to conventional microscopes, making these microscopes series suitable for various kinds of inspections.

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Categories: Upright Microscopes

Applications: Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd), Antennae, Telecom & Electronics, Wafers, Telescope optics, Mobile phones, shavers & watches