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JEOL JCM-6000Plus NeoScope Scanning Electron Microscope


Scanning electron microscope - a powerful yet economic benchtop version from Nikon and JEOL.


The latest in benchtop SEM technology, the JCM-6000Plus "NeoScopeTM," is a touch panel controlled, multi functional desktop scanning microscope that answers the increasingly diversified needs among users worldwide. The JCM-6000Plus is equipped with the high-sensitivity semiconductor detectors found in high-end instruments, making it easy to acquire composition contrast information about the specimen, and enabling efficient analysis. The series continues to include the high-vacuum functionality and secondary electron detector, offering the ability to clearly observe fine structures on the specimen surface at high magnification.

Main features of the JEOL JCM-6000plus

  • Automatic image formation after sample introduction within 3 minutes
  • High resolution (60,000X) and large depth of field
  • Multi-touch screen interface for intuitive operation
  • Advance automatic functions (focus, stigmation, brightness/contrast)
  • High and low vacuum modes
  • Three selectable accelerating voltages
  • Secondary electron and solid state backscattered electron detector
  • Large sample coverage (up to 70 mm diameter)
  • Options include: motor drive stage and EDS

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