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Nikon Eclipse MA100/MA100L Inverted Metallurgical Microscope


Introducing a durable, user-friendly microscope with a small footprint, superior image quality and great cost performance

The ECLIPSE MA100/MA100L is a compact-size inverted microscope. It was developed for brightfield observation and simple polarizing observation. Thanks to its compact, durable design and simple operation in addition to its high-contrast observation and image capture, it is excellent for metallographic and electronic components as well as use at production sites in the materials fields and quality control departments.
The LED illumination type MA100L is also available.

Eclipse MA100
Eclipse MA100L
ECLIPSE MA100 (Halogen illumination model) ECLIPSE MA100L (LED illumination model)

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Categories: Inverted Microscopes

Applications: Antennae, Telecom & Electronics, Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis, Metallurgy, Grain sizing, Surface Examination, Metal Manufacturing, Telescope optics, Mobile phones, shavers & watches