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DS-Ri1 Digital Camera

The DS-Ri1 has been discontinued.


Color microscope camera - the obvious choice for high-resolution, high color fidelity and large pixel formats in brightfield or cross-over applications.

Designed for advanced high-resolution color documentation applications, the DS-Ri1 high-resolution microscope camera represents the latest evolution in the DXM1200 camera series. With advancements in connectivity, color rendition and performance, the DS-Ri1 brings the total to fourteen combinations now offered by Nikon’s Digital Sight series. New algorithms make the DS-Ri1 ideal for low magnifications and enlargements in brightfield imaging. Fast focusing, a large native pixel size and supported cooling combine for clear fluorescent imaging and documentation. No matter the application needs, the DS-Ri1 is the absolute choice for ultra high-quality imaging.

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