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Digital Sight DS-L2 Control Unit

The DS-L2 Controller has been discontinued.


Digital microscope images at high resolution with an 8.4 inch LCD monitor direct from a microscope without a PC.

Nikon's Digital Sight DS-L2 imaging controller is a successor of the All-in-One Digital Imaging Controller DS-L1, and allows users to comfortably observe, analyze and capture images. The second generation DS-L2 controller features an 8.4 inch LCD (XGA) monitor and can connect to a variety of Nikon cameras including the DS-Fi1 , DS-Fi1c , DS-5 , and DS-2 Series. The controller also includes a DVI-I digital output for external display and is SXGA or XGA selectable. Nikon has added USB 2.0 connectivity and memory capability so researchers can save images to an assortment of storage media.

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