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Inline Robotic Inspection


The trend in automotive BIW is to move away from dedicated CMM inspection to in-line robot inspection because of speed and cost (and where CMM accuracy exceeds production requirements).

In aerospace applications there is a trend to integrate in-line inspection as part of assembly processes to build accuracy within robotic processes, combined with Adaptive Robot Control this becomes a complete Metrology Assisted Production Cell.

In both cases Nikon has a solution built on core technologies

The heart of the system is the MMDx laser scanner:

  • In 50mm, 100mm, and 200mm line widths
  • ESP3 (Enhanced Sensor Performance) for no data loss on shiny surfaces from sheet metal, or resin on composites through to Rohocell foam.
  • Advanced Reflection Filters – for no reflective noise or data spray
  • Fast high quality point clouds, in the orientation and areas where you “need” data – greatly reducing data archiving and analysis time

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