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Laser Radar on Robot


Inspection of car door
Flexible inspection, unbeatable productivity

With the need for shorter and more flexible production cycles, automotive manufacturers  are  continuously  looking  to  cut  time  and  costs  whilst improving product  quality.  The Laser Radar mounted on an industrial robot introduces an innovative approach to body-in-white (BIW) inspection.

This shop floor system provides accurate, dimensional measurements in the car coordinate system allowing direct comparison to CAD without the need for a reference part. Unlike horizontal-arm CMM, its high-speed measurements fit within short production cycle times. At the same time it is a more flexible solution to adapt with changes in model mix and factory layout

Key benefits

  • Automated, non-contact measuring systems
  • Absolute accuracy <0.1mm over the volume of a car
  • Fast data collection  - 2000 points/s scan speed
  • Suited for surface and feature inspection
  • Mounted on an industrial robot


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Categories: Laser Radar Automation

Applications: Shop floor automotive inspection