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Universities, research and museums

Metrology innovations catalyze research work conducted at universities and other research institutions. In some cases, the research activity focuses on the metrology system itself; to extend its application reach and facilitate the adoption by the manufacturing industry.


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  • Revealing mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism
    Revealing mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism

    In an exciting link up between high-tech industry and international universities, including Cardiff, Athens and Thessaloniki, the secrets of a two-thousand-year-...

  • Damage propagation
    Damage propagation in composite material

    Identifying failure mechanisms in composites is important because damage often remains largely invisible externally until late in the testing process. Research u...

  • Metal corrosion mechanisms
    Metal corrosion mechanisms

    CT observations provide insight into the development of corrosion pits, stress corrosion cracks and their geometries, to improve system design and deduce mathema...

  • Increasing dynamic manufacturing quality
    Increasing dynamic manufacturing quality

    A cell populated with two industrial robots is used to study how manufacturing quality can be maximized using iGPS. The affordable combination of off-the-shelf r...

  • Unveiling mysteries of nature

    A vital aspect of studying natural specimens is the ability to visualize their internal structure. Most investigatory methods available solely capture the outer...

  • Implant research
    Implant research

    Material researchers are developing bone implants made of titanium foam that offer favorable biocompatibility and superior surface roughness and strength. A numb...