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Telescope optics

Assembling advanced optics is subjected to tight-tolerance inspection. As the optical path of larger instruments is relatively long, Laser Radar is ideally suited to perform measurements on these systems. In many space-related applications, there is no other sensor capable of meeting the metrology requirements. Laser Radar operates with a graphical software interface supporting both manual and automatic use by a single operator. 

As part of an ongoing space telescope program, Laser Radar measures mirror features and large mechanical structures holding sensitive flight hardware without touching the specimens. This metrology system automatically verifies optical component alignment because distance limits can be established for near and far focus by managing the focus of its measurement beam. Thanks to its ability to sample both specular and diffuse material surfaces, Laser Radar can determine mirror alignment directly.

For accurate inspection of smaller parts and assemblies, LK CMMs are deployed and equipped with tactile and laser sensors, such as ad LC60Dx and XC65D.

Alternatively, individual parts can be measured using CNC video measuring systems, such as iNEXIV and NEXIV systems, and industrial industrial or measuring microcopes.

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