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Telecom & Electronics

X-ray electronics inspection

Telecom systems typically contain electronics subsystems. For mission-critical space applications, system failure is not an option. Also in other markets, telecom systems are checked inside-out through X-ray and computer tomography (CT) inspection.

By visualizing connectivity failures in electronic devices and circuit boards, or between both, the XT V160 electronics inspection system provides detailed insight into what really causes the problem. The ability to literally look inside electronic parts and systems is essential in optimizing electronics design and manufacturing practices.

On the electronics production floor, most inspection work is related to electronic connectivity issues including wire bonds, solder joints and through-layer vias. The XT V 130 inspection system is also capable of tracing more challenging defects. Angled imaging with high magnification quickly highlights shorts in the form of solder dendrites and voids scattered around ball grid array (BGA) connections.


Other metrology systems can be used to inspect features and surfaces of electronic components and assemblies that are visible from the outside. iNEXIV and NEXIV are automated video measuring systems that offer the speed and accuracy to quickly run inspection on electronic cards, devices and connectors.

Smaller individual parts can also be measured using industrial or measuring microcopes.

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