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Telecommunication/ Satellites

Telecommunication/ Satellites

Telecommunication is the transmission of messages or capture of data over significant distances. Parabolic antennae and space telescopes are examples of large-scale telecommunication systems that can be measured using Nikon Metrology solutions.


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  • Optics
    Telescope optics

    Assembling advanced optics is subjected to tight-tolerance inspection. As the optical path of larger instruments is relatively long, Laser Radar is ideally suite...

  • Antennae

    Laser Radar is an ideal measurement tool for large parabolic satellite antenna inspection.  Non-contact, programmable and highly accuracte it inspects individual...

  • Electronics
    Telecom & Electronics

    Telecom systems typically contain electronics subsystems. For mission-critical space applications, system failure is not an option. Also in other markets, teleco...