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Nikon Metrology offers a complete range of examination and measurement services for the inspection of medical devices and components. These include microscopy, manual metrology, automated non-contact video measuring, non-contact geometry inspection, X-ray radiography and computed tomography.


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  • Implants/ Protheses
    Implants/ Protheses

    With medical devices, failure is not an option. Reproducible examination and measurement of key components and specified tolerances play a key role in ensuring t...

  • Automotive Manufacturing
    Surface Examination

    When it comes to surface engineering, competition in the automotive industry is high. From the initial design of components to full-scale manufacturing and inspe...

  • Dental applications
    Dental applications

    In the dental segment, computed tomography (CT) is performed to verify correct positioning and orientation of dentures on prosthesis crafted by dental technician...

  • Manual examination
    Manual examination

    Small imperfections of medical devices and components can be traced using specialized microscopes. High-contrast digital imaging makes it easy to examine the sur...

  • Critical assemblies of medical devices or drug delivery systems
    Critical assemblies of medical devices or drug delivery systems

    With medical devices failure is not an option. By literally looking inside key components and critical assemblies, X-ray and CT face no limitations as to accessi...

  • Automated measurement
    Automated measurement

    Automated non-contact video automatically takes measurements on larger series of complex medical components at a rate that can keep pace with demanding productio...