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Material Analysis

Material Analysis

Divided into specific material analysis areas, this section provides information on light microscopy applications with links to further information on terms, techniques and relevant products.


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  • Cracks and Failure Analysis
    Cracks and Failure Analysis

    In many industries it is extremely difficult to manufacture products that will be totally immune to cracking and breaking in service, making testing at the point...

  • Asbestos

    Asbestos is a ubiquitous construction material with a wide variety of uses including: thermal insulation in buildings, general fire protection and the lining of...

  • Rocks/Minerals

    The analysis of rock and minerals is important both academically, for geological and earth sciences, and industrially, in oil and mineral-related industries. Aca...

  • Fabrics/Textiles

    The fabrics and textiles industry is one of the oldest in the world, and with modern innovations and the advent of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) offering light...

  • Composites

    Comprised of at least two constituent materials of significantly different physical or chemical properties, composites are of two types: matrix and reinforcement...

  • Metallurgy

    From extraction to production, metallurgy and metallography are used to examine the microscopic mechanisms that affect the behaviour of metals, their composites...

  • Grain Sizing
    Grain sizing

    Correct grain size is crucial to material microstructure and in obtaining correct physical and mechanical characteristics for a wide range of materials such as m...

  • Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis
    Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis

    Cast iron is used widely in the automotive and heavy equipment industries for structural components such as engine, brake, suspension, and steering parts. Cast i...

  • Surface Analysis
    Surface Analysis

    Surface analysis, or surface metrology, is a vast field covering the analysis of textures and the measurement of features such as the waviness, roughness, and ro...