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Mobile phones, shavers & watches

Complex high-tech plastic parts, such as mobile phone covers, set specific challenges in terms of quality and development cycles. The LC15 high accuracy laser scanner, applying high point density on a small field of view, accurately digitizes these compact and detailed objects with tight tolerances.

The same laser scanner is used for the inspection of plastic shaver parts that are sometimes metal coated. Inspection is used for both inspection and research purposes. XT H 225 is an X-ray and CT system that takes inspection one step further by running quality checks of the razor heads of (disposable) razor units.

Digital cameras and quality watches featuring compact optics, complex mechanics and sensitive electronics also need verification to make sure specifications are met. Ideal for the job are the industrial XT H 225 systems combining stunning imaging with high measuring accuracy.

Individual parts can also be measured using CNC video measuring systems, such as iNEXIV and NEXIV systems, and industrial or measuring microcopes.

Mobile phone inspection
CT analysis of watch
LC15Dx: shaver

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