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Powertrain Components

Poertrwin inspection

Machined surfaces of engine and transmission components face tight dimensional and form tolerances. The best way to measure cylinder head flatness and bore cylindricity is to take a large quantity of accurate surface points. In this case, an LK CMM equipped with an analog scanning probe is the best solution. Gears can be measured the same way, but also through CNC video measurement. NEXIV hardware and software support specialized gear evaluation based on pitch deviations, tooth space runout, base tangent length, and dimension overpin.

The inspection of cast engine and transmission housings through laser scanning yields maximum surface information in the shortest possible time. Focus' graphic CAD comparison charts provide powerful insight into local surface deviation, resulting in fewer iteration steps. Camio software fully supports Nikon Metrology LC and XC laser scanners on LK CMMs and most 3rd party CMMs.

Hyphoid gear inspection

For specific transmission components, such as hyphoid gears,the HN-6060 high-accuracy non-contact inspection system reduces the overal inspection time compared to touch probe inspection.The newly designed laser scanning sensor extracts the surface form and waviness data in one scan, whereas previous tactile gear inspection tools needed to rely on 2D sections of data.

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