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Automotive Components Inspection

Automotive component inspection fuel tank

A headlight, a suspension part, a wheel rim, a bumper or a plastic air filter box; every automotive component has its own dimensional specifications. Quick inspection checks on the shop floor or near the production machine can be executed using a handheld inspection system. The MMDx scanner is compatible with Nikon Metrology arms and most leading 3rd party articulated arms, including Faro and Romer / CimCore. For applications involving larger parts, the MMDx technology is also available as part of the K-Scan Optical CMM system. This unique scanning system allows the operator to freely walk around and take scans as desired.

Quick inspection checks on the shop floor or near the production machine can be executed with a manual inspection system. MMD laser scanners outperform touch probe inspection systems in terms of productivity and level of detail. The laser scanner operates in combination with an articulated arm (Metris, Faro, Cimcore) or an optical CMM (Metris K-scan).

3D analysis of fuel tank

For more accurate and systematic inspection, Nikon Metrology offers LK CMM and Camio, supporting touch trigger, analog scanning and laser scanning measurement. RCA or K-Robot are available for in-line inspection through automated laser scanning.

Trim parts used as part of vehicle interior set specific quality control challenges. LC and XC laser scanners yields accurate and repeatable results because it is non-contact inspection technology that is excellently suited for digitizing soft and fragile parts. At the same time, laser scanning acquires much more measurement data, allowing a part’s contours and geometric features of to be evaluated thoroughly. Focus' graphic CAD comparison charts provide powerful insight into local surface deviation, resulting in fewer iteration steps.

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