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A vision beyond precision for automotive metrology

Nikon Metrology offers complete solutions for the competitive automotive industry, supporting geometric quality control end reverse engineering. These innovative metrology solutions streamline the entire process, from a new car concept until serial production.


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  • Automated Inline Inspection
    Shop floor automotive inspection

    It is important for automotive assembly plants to continuously monitor process quality during the manufacturing process. Locations of holes, slots, studs, weldin...

  • Filter inspection
  • Automotive design and styling
    Automotive Design and Styling

    Styling reflects the personality of the driver. Design work to arrive at the rough vehicle shape occurs in a virtual environment, whereas clay models or rapid pr...

  • Pilot plant metrology
    Pilot Plant Metrology

    In the pilot plant, vehicle assembly is verified to avoid quality problems during series production of a new car type. In particular for sheet metal parts, the s...

  • Flush and gap inspection
    Flush and Gap Inspection

    Gap and flush inspection between assembled automotive doors and bodies is a critical factor in modeling a car’s aerodynamic performance and, in turn, determine i...

  • Die and Mould Applications
    Die and Mould Applications

    Tool Metal stamping, casting and plastic injection molding are popular production methods for molds and dies. Physical phenomena like part shrinkage and spring b...

  • Assembly plant set-up
    Assembly Plant Setup

    Once a production line has been set up, manufacturers need to inspect selected samples to monitor wear or setup deviations, or have to verify every individual as...

  • Sheet metal metrology
    Sheet Metal Inspection

    Stamping and bending allows sheet metal to be produced according to any desired freeform shape. The shape of the mating surfaces is important to obtain a good fi...

  • 3D inspection of powertrain components
    Powertrain Components

    Machined surfaces of engine and transmission components face tight dimensional and form tolerances. The best way to measure cylinder head flatness and bore cylin...

  • Automotive Components Inspection
    Automotive Components Inspection

    A headlight, a suspension part, a wheel rim, a bumper or a plastic air filter box; every automotive component has its own dimensional specifications. Quick inspe...

  • Full vehicle inspection
    Full Vehicle Inspection

    Horizontal LK CMMs from Nikon Metrology can be set up easily for dimensional inspection at the end of the production line. Equipped with the XC65D Cross Scanner,...

  • Streamlining vehicle pre-production
    Streamlining vehicle pre-production

    A research project targeting the automotive industry aimed at streamlining vehicle pre-production phases by simplifying the geometric body verification process....

  • Aftermarkets

    Aftermarket companies stay competitive when they are flexible in dealing with ever-changing product designs. Designers adding non-factory parts, accessories and...