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3rd Party Instrument Tracking

ship model tracking with iGPS

iGPS is the technology behind off-the-shelf iSpace product packages, but can also be integrated into 3rd party instruments and production equipment. Using iGPS, the geometric precision of these manufacturing systems increases dramatically.

One application is called adaptive robot control (ARC), which maximizes the geometric precision of industrial robots. Invisible iGPS laser beams continuously track the locations of the robot’s tool center point, and feed back the filtered data in closed loop to improve absolute robot precision. Handling, assembly, burnishing, deburring, welding and pleating all benefit from this innovative approach.

K-Series is equally suitable for driving metrology assisted production. At a leading aircraft manufacturer, it firmly increased the precision of robotic drilling and riveting at CAD specified wing locations. As a result, the wing drilling and riveting cell reached an accuracy level that is multiple times better than before.

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