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Innovative solutions for aerospace metrology

Nikon Metrology provides optical inspection technology for metrology assisted production in aerospace industry. Large volume inspection and tracking, aircraft component measurement, Absolute accurate robot drilling and jet engine turbine blade inspection are a few examples that illustrate a truly extensive application reach.


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  • Large volume metrology
    Large Volume Metrology

    The inspection of large objects calls for a dedicated metrology solution and technology. The Nikon Laser Radar -based on innovative non-contact laser technologie...

  • Large volume positioning
    Large Volume Positioning

    In addition to inspecting supersize parts, iGPS technology excellently supports part positioning and assembly. Real-time position tracking and adjustment capabil...

  • Aircraft component inspection
    Aircraft Component Inspection

    Precision and reliability are key in the aerospace industry. Every day, LK CMMs from Nikon Metrology run detailed inspection on small to mid sized landing gear,...

  • Turbine Blade Inspection
    Turbine Blade Inspection

    Turbine blades are designed for optimum aerodynamics and mass center location, and constitute of advanced metal alloy castings and composites to increase strengt...

  • 3rd Party Instrument Tracking
    3rd Party Instrument Tracking

    iGPS is the technology behind off-the-shelf iSpace product packages, but can also be integrated into 3rd party instruments and production equipment. Using iGPS,...