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  • 3rd Party Instrument Tracking
    3rd Party Instrument Tracking

    iGPS is the technology behind off-the-shelf iSpace product packages, but can also be integrated into 3rd party instruments and production equipment. Using iGPS,...

  • Aftermarkets

    Aftermarket companies stay competitive when they are flexible in dealing with ever-changing product designs. Designers adding non-factory parts, accessories and...

  • Aircraft component inspection
    Aircraft Component Inspection

    Precision and reliability are key in the aerospace industry. Every day, LK CMMs from Nikon Metrology run detailed inspection on small to mid sized landing gear,...

    Renaat Van Cauter

  • Antennae

    Laser Radar is an ideal measurement tool for large parabolic satellite antenna inspection.  Non-contact, programmable and highly accuracte it inspects individual...

  • Asbestos

    Asbestos is a ubiquitous construction material with a wide variety of uses including: thermal insulation in buildings, general fire protection and the lining of...

    Asbestos Analysis Laboratory Ltd, UK

  • Assembly plant set-up
    Assembly Plant Setup

    Once a production line has been set up, manufacturers need to inspect selected samples to monitor wear or setup deviations, or have to verify every individual as...

  • Automated measurement
    Automated measurement

    Automated non-contact video automatically takes measurements on larger series of complex medical components at a rate that can keep pace with demanding productio...

  • Automotive Components Inspection
    Automotive Components Inspection

    A headlight, a suspension part, a wheel rim, a bumper or a plastic air filter box; every automotive component has its own dimensional specifications. Quick inspe...

  • Automotive design and styling
    Automotive Design and Styling

    Styling reflects the personality of the driver. Design work to arrive at the rough vehicle shape occurs in a virtual environment, whereas clay models or rapid pr...

  • Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis
    Cast iron nodularity and flake analysis

    Cast iron is used widely in the automotive and heavy equipment industries for structural components such as engine, brake, suspension, and steering parts. Cast i...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Composites

    Comprised of at least two constituent materials of significantly different physical or chemical properties, composites are of two types: matrix and reinforcement...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Cosmetics

    Style and fragrance is key in the cosmetics industry. CT inspection is run to ensure packaging standards are in line with the quality customers from products’ co...

  • Cracks and Failure Analysis
    Cracks and Failure Analysis

    In many industries it is extremely difficult to manufacture products that will be totally immune to cracking and breaking in service, making testing at the point...

    Small World: Shaun Merrigan, Cracks in Tantalum, Epiphot TME

  • Critical assemblies of medical devices or drug delivery systems
    Critical assemblies of medical devices or drug delivery systems

    With medical devices failure is not an option. By literally looking inside key components and critical assemblies, X-ray and CT face no limitations as to accessi...

  • Damage propagation
    Damage propagation in composite material

    Identifying failure mechanisms in composites is important because damage often remains largely invisible externally until late in the testing process. Research u...

  • Dental applications
    Dental applications

    In the dental segment, computed tomography (CT) is performed to verify correct positioning and orientation of dentures on prosthesis crafted by dental technician...

  • Die and Mould Applications
    Die and Mould Applications

    Tool Metal stamping, casting and plastic injection molding are popular production methods for molds and dies. Physical phenomena like part shrinkage and spring b...

  • Fabrics/Textiles

    The fabrics and textiles industry is one of the oldest in the world, and with modern innovations and the advent of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) offering light...

    Small World: Tracy E. Anderson, Minnesota, USA, Velcro® (94x)

  • Filter inspection
  • Flush and gap inspection
    Flush and Gap Inspection

    Gap and flush inspection between assembled automotive doors and bodies is a critical factor in modeling a car’s aerodynamic performance and, in turn, determine i...

  • Full vehicle inspection
    Full Vehicle Inspection

    Horizontal LK CMMs from Nikon Metrology can be set up easily for dimensional inspection at the end of the production line. Equipped with the XC65D Cross Scanner,...

  • Gas turbine blades
    Gas turbine blades

    The quality of turbine blades in stationary gas turbine power plants is critical. 3D laser scanning and Focus point cloud processing accurately digitize the aero...

  • Grain Sizing
    Grain sizing

    Correct grain size is crucial to material microstructure and in obtaining correct physical and mechanical characteristics for a wide range of materials such as m...

    Small World: Dr. Edna Cukierman Pennsylvania, USA Pollen grains (60x)

  • Household appliances and white goods
    Household appliances and white goods

    Today domestic appliances such as a cooking ring, vacuum cleaner or microwave contain high-tech technology. From design through production, manufacturers require...

  • Implant research
    Implant research

    Material researchers are developing bone implants made of titanium foam that offer favorable biocompatibility and superior surface roughness and strength. A numb...

  • Implants/ Protheses
    Implants/ Protheses

    With medical devices, failure is not an option. Reproducible examination and measurement of key components and specified tolerances play a key role in ensuring t...

    Mechmed Ltd, UK, Nikon SMZ800

  • Increasing dynamic manufacturing quality
    Increasing dynamic manufacturing quality

    A cell populated with two industrial robots is used to study how manufacturing quality can be maximized using iGPS. The affordable combination of off-the-shelf r...

  • Large volume metrology
    Large Volume Metrology

    The inspection of large objects calls for a dedicated metrology solution and technology. The Nikon Laser Radar -based on innovative non-contact laser technologie...

  • Large volume positioning
    Large Volume Positioning

    In addition to inspecting supersize parts, iGPS technology excellently supports part positioning and assembly. Real-time position tracking and adjustment capabil...

  • Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)
    Liquid Crystal Displays (lcd)

    Door hun slanke design en geringe voetafdruk, worden platte lcd-schermen aan hoog tempo het favoriete formaat voor televisies en monitors van computers en werkst...

    Small World: Dr. Christian Bohley, Magdeburg, Germany

  • Manual examination
    Manual examination

    Small imperfections of medical devices and components can be traced using specialized microscopes. High-contrast digital imaging makes it easy to examine the sur...

  • MEMS

    In today's world increasingly miniaturised electronic products, Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and Nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS) sets the standards...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Metal corrosion mechanisms
    Metal corrosion mechanisms

    CT observations provide insight into the development of corrosion pits, stress corrosion cracks and their geometries, to improve system design and deduce mathema...

  • Metal Manufacturing
    Metal Manufacturing

    Quality control is paramount in the metal manufacturing industry as lapses in quality can lead to serious performance and safety impairments. Quality control mea...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Metallurgy

    From extraction to production, metallurgy and metallography are used to examine the microscopic mechanisms that affect the behaviour of metals, their composites...

    Small World: Stephen M. Harvey, Australia, NiHard & graphite flakes (200x)

  • Microelectronics

    Smaller, cheaper, faster - these are the ever-present concerns of microelectronic device manufacturers. In this industry, each new generation of products must ou...

    Small World: Dr. Jacques Lefebvre
Pedro Barrios

  • Mobile phones, shavers & watches
    Mobile phones, shavers & watches

    Complex high-tech plastic parts, such as mobile phone covers, set specific challenges in terms of quality and development cycles. The LC15 high accuracy laser sc...

  • Optoelectronics

    From fibre-optic communications and wireless networks, to optical storage devices and advanced medical equipment, optoelectronics are becoming an increasingly vi...

  • Pilot plant metrology
    Pilot Plant Metrology

    In the pilot plant, vehicle assembly is verified to avoid quality problems during series production of a new car type. In particular for sheet metal parts, the s...

  • Plastic Manufacturing
    Plastic Manufacturing

    Quality control in plastics manufacturing presents a real challenge as out-of-specification components represent a financial burden to the manufacturer, not only...

    Small World: Karl E. Deckart, Eckental, Germany

  • 3D inspection of powertrain components
    Powertrain Components

    Machined surfaces of engine and transmission components face tight dimensional and form tolerances. The best way to measure cylinder head flatness and bore cylin...

  • Revealing mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism
    Revealing mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism

    In an exciting link up between high-tech industry and international universities, including Cardiff, Athens and Thessaloniki, the secrets of a two-thousand-year-...

  • Rocks/Minerals

    The analysis of rock and minerals is important both academically, for geological and earth sciences, and industrially, in oil and mineral-related industries. Aca...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Sheet metal metrology
    Sheet Metal Inspection

    Stamping and bending allows sheet metal to be produced according to any desired freeform shape. The shape of the mating surfaces is important to obtain a good fi...

  • Automated Inline Inspection
    Shop floor automotive inspection

    It is important for automotive assembly plants to continuously monitor process quality during the manufacturing process. Locations of holes, slots, studs, weldin...

  • Solar panels
    Solar panels

    Oil prices and climate concerns brighten the solar energy outlook. Laser Radar verifies the geometric integrity of parabolic solar mirrors to maximize power gene...

  • Streamlining vehicle pre-production
    Streamlining vehicle pre-production

    A research project targeting the automotive industry aimed at streamlining vehicle pre-production phases by simplifying the geometric body verification process....

  • Surface Analysis
    Surface Analysis

    Surface analysis, or surface metrology, is a vast field covering the analysis of textures and the measurement of features such as the waviness, roughness, and ro...

    Nikon Instruments

  • Automotive Manufacturing
    Surface Examination

    When it comes to surface engineering, competition in the automotive industry is high. From the initial design of components to full-scale manufacturing and inspe...

    Gear cog, Nikon Instruments UK

  • Electronics
    Telecom & Electronics

    Telecom systems typically contain electronics subsystems. For mission-critical space applications, system failure is not an option. Also in other markets, teleco...

  • Optics
    Telescope optics

    Assembling advanced optics is subjected to tight-tolerance inspection. As the optical path of larger instruments is relatively long, Laser Radar is ideally suite...

  • Turbine Blade Inspection
    Turbine Blade Inspection

    Turbine blades are designed for optimum aerodynamics and mass center location, and constitute of advanced metal alloy castings and composites to increase strengt...

  • Unveiling mysteries of nature

    A vital aspect of studying natural specimens is the ability to visualize their internal structure. Most investigatory methods available solely capture the outer...

  • Wafers

    At the heart of almost every electronic product are wafers, thin slices of semiconductor materials on which microcircuits are constructed through the diffusion a...

    Nikon Instruments UK

  • Wind turbines
    Wind turbines

    There is a tendency toward ever-more ambitious targets for energy that is clean and inexhaustible. Using technology for large volume measurement, Laser Radar sup...

  • BGA voids
    X-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCB

    With the advent of many newer type components such as BGA and flip-chip devices; traditional microscope inspection is not an option as the majority of solder con...