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XT V 160R

The XT V 160R versatile X-ray system has been discontinued.

Key Features

High contrast sensitivity

The XT V160 R is fitted with the patented X-Tek 160kV Xi "Open Tube" x-ray source and a 60 Watt, air-cooled, 5µm focal spot, Reflection Target.

This source arrangement provides a high contrast imaging capability previously unavailable in a vertical axis X-ray imaging system, making this the ideal system for inspecting low density samples especially IC component packages.

Low energy imaging capability

To improve the low energy imaging capability on samples traditionally considered as having a density too low for x-ray imaging, the XT V160 R can be specified with a Beryllium Window X-ray Image Intensifier in place of the standard Aluminium Window Intensifier. With this configuration it is possible to image objects with energies as low as 8 kV.

The low energy response can be further improved by the use of hybrid metals targets, extending the XT V160 R's capabilities to a larger range of bespoke x-ray imaging requirements.

High resolution micron level features

A tightly controlled microfocus x-ray spot and the latest CCD imager technology ensure that the XT V160 R produces sharp images of micron level features even in the most challenging samples.

The electron lens is computer controlled to ensure that the image remains in focus at all kV settings and the target does not burn when using high power.

Viewing from any angle


The large carbon fibre tray moves under manual or programmed control at up to 60mm/sec in both X and Y directions making the XT V160 R highly suitable for batch production of smaller components and assemblies.

Trays loaded with samples onto custom fixturing can be snapped in and inspected using a vast library of machine vision functions linked together in quick and easy to compile routines.

With the tray replaced by two precision programmable rotation axes and a custom sample fixture with a scan area of up to 310mm x 500mm, sharp high magnification images from virtually 360 degrees around the sample can be produced.

For component package inspection, standard JEDEC sample trays or complete lots of IC strips can be located into the XT V160 R’s tray, dedicated software tools measure die attach void percentages and wire sweep rations.

For closer examination, individual strips and tubes can be rotated to expose delamination and wire loop problems

Intuitive to use with integrated Inspect-X software


The operation of the compact XT V 160R system is controlled by Inspect-X, the powerful proprietary software used on all Nikon Metrology XT systems. Inspect-X is known for its powerful X-ray image processing and analysis as well as the broad set of automation capabilities that is included. Developed to streamline the inspection process with ultrafast X-ray acquisition, the XT V 160R runs first-article inspection in minutes, instead of hours or days.

  • Intuitive joystick navigation drives real-time X-ray image generation
  • Dual display for combined measurement and real-time analysis
  • Special functions for inspection of semiconductor package voids, wire bonding and BGA solder bumps.
  • Short learning curve – operational within 1 day
  • Local language support

Advanced ergonomics

The XT V160R has been designed for ease of use without compromising performance.

Fully adjustable shelves ensure that all system controls are at the operator’s fingertips whether standing or sitting, independent of the person’s height.

The Windows control screen is laid out logically with all regularly used functions in view on single click buttons while movement of the precision joysticks gives a direct and logical response from both sample manipulator and x-ray image.

The system is highly intuitive to operate and as a result, operator training time is significantly reduced.

Low cost of ownership

Circuit board

X-Tek’s open x-ray tube development has driven down the size, weight and cost of the system whilst maintaining superior quality and performance. By introducing a patented zero maintenance cable-less HT generator, the preventative maintenance has been dramatically reduced making the long term cost of ownership considerably lower than a sealed tube based system